May 4, 2022
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May has arrived. The end of your semester and all the events that come with the end of the school year are happening these next two months. Don't forget that we are here for your pursuit of all things STEM! Get inspired with all of the STEM news the STEMINIST brings to you, as well as upcoming events, internships, and news about you and your peers.
June 14, 2022
4:30CT/5:30ET- 5:30/6:30
Career Chat with Oluwaseyi Olaleye, CEO and Founder of Organic Harvest Digital
Olu was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. At the age of five, he emigrated to the South Shore neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago. Olu attended and graduated as valedictorian from Gary Comer College Prep. He received his B.S degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Currently, Olu is the founder and CEO of Organic Harvest Digital; he is an entrepreneur, food advocate and Afro-futurist!
Credit Cards and Credit Scores

Join Smart Sister Finance on June 29, 2022, from 4:30CT/5:30ET-5:30/6:30, to learn all about credit and banking.
Did you know your credit score is the key to unlocking opportunity? In this class, we will discuss:
  • How credit cards, bank accounts and all types of loans work
  • Why you should establish credit 
  • What actions positively and negatively affect your credit score

Bridget Jones is the Founding Sister of Smart Sister Finance and she believes strongly that money confidence unlocks your life choices. Bridget had a winding career that included working at the Goodman Theatre, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Clif Bar, Potbelly Sandwich Works and Whole Foods Market. She now uses her experience to coach women on their personal finances and start-up businesses. Follow Smart Sister Finance on Instagram (smartsisterfinance) and LinkedIn (Bridget Jones) to learn more!
Exelon STEM Academy Scholars
Exelon STEM Academy Scholars, who were awarded the Exelon Scholarship in 2021, are finishing up their first year of college. They meet 4 - 5 times a year to check in with NEED and Exelon.

This month they met with Thomasina Ware, Manager of University and programs, who hosted a Meet and Greet with the scholars and their reporting managers for their paid summer internships with:

  • ComEd Engineering Department - Vegetation Management,
  • ComEd Engineering Department - Customer Operations and Governmental Affairs training Dept.
  • BGE - New Business,
  • PECO - Capacity Planning,
  • PECO - AMI Strategy
  • PHI - IT at PHI and Exelon Utilities,
  • PHI - Substations.

If you are a part of one of the Summer STEM Academies this year, you might see one or two of these women. Make sure you take a minute to talk with them and learn about all the exciting experiences they are having.
2022 Earth Day Celebration Continues
(with survey results, suggestions for continued actions and websites to visit.)
Earth Day Survey Results
The question was:
"How will you make an impact on Earth Day?"
Your answers were:
  • I am going to celebrate with younger students through FIRST and design an earth day related engineering challenge for them.
  • Planting trees locally
  • I plan to volunteer at my local park to clean up and start my garden.
  • I will be leading my school's green club in planting native plants around the grounds.
  • Watering my plants and gardening!

Thank you for celebrating Earth Day in these ways!
If you are still looking for ways to impact the Earth in positive ways, check out this bingo and the DOE's Website.
National Labs' Earth Day Recap
National Lab Earth Day celebrated energy and environmental research across the all of Department of Energy's National Laboratories.

The virtual ‘sunrise-to-sunset’ event began on the east coast and concluded on the west coast by highlighting all 17 DOE National Laboratories through tours, activities, short talks, and panels designed to provide engaging experiences and promote the laboratory complex.

Video recordings will be shared on DOE’s YouTube channel in the coming days, look at the STEM Rising section of the channel.
Websites in the Spotlight!
Exelon's Commitment to Clean Energy and Energized Communities
"It’s important for us to take time to talk about how Exelon can help move our customers, communities and society toward a clean energy future. That future is closer than we think. In fact, I would offer that the future is now."

Calvin Butler, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Exelon Corporation
NOAA's Climate Program highlights Dr. Kate Marvel!
NOAA's Climate Program Office (CPO) finished their series celebrating Women’s History Month, with CPO communications analyst Amber Liggett interviewing climate scientist Dr. Kate Marvel. 

Kate is a Research Scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Columbia Center for Climate Systems Research. Kate is a well-known science writer and storyteller based in New York City. 

In addition to discussing Women’s History Month, the interview explored Kate’s work with NOAA, her climate science career generally, and her extraordinary work as a public scientist!
NASA asked Dr. Kate, "What is your favorite space image and why?"
"My favorite space image is probably the “Pale Blue Dot,” because it just encapsulates why I do what I do. That’s us. Everybody I care about is there, and that’s so important."
Earth, described by scientist Carl Sagan as a "Pale Blue Dot," as seen by Voyager 1 from a distance of more than 4 billion miles (6.4 billion kilometers). Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech | › Full image and caption
To learn more about Dr. Kate Marvel, check out this page from the NASA website.
Batteries in the News
Earlier this year, (Feb., 18, 2022), the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy posted an article about National Battery Day and the work that is being done with batteries. The article reports the improvements and what that means for renewable energy and battery powered equipment. Click below to learn more!
Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) invented the first constant-current battery, with moistened pieces of felt between alternating discs of nickel and zinc. (Credit: Wellcome Images, Wikimedia Commons)

Beatty, Lauren, "128 Cups", 12.21.2015,
 Rt. 102 Starbucks Bourbonnais, IL
Starbucks and Sustainability
Starbucks on its website, has committed to reducing waste. "In fact, we’re targeting to cut the footprint of our carbon, water and waste sent to landfills in half by 2030. It’s all part of our aspiration to give back more than we take from the planet." 

You can click below to read more about what the company has committed to do for the environment and communities which they serve. 
DOE and Climate Justice
Visit Department Of Energy's Website to see what the government is doing in response to Climate Justice.
Some Scholarships are not available again until Fall of 2022, but there are still scholarship opportunities. We will continue to update the list. Check them out.
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