September 2, 2022
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It is the start of September and the school year has begun! Whether this is your first or last year of high school, we are here for your pursuit of all things STEM! Get inspired by all the STEM news the STEMINIST brings to you, as well as upcoming events, internships, and news about you and your peers.
Upcoming Zoom Events that you don't want to miss!
Smart Sister 3 - Investing Basics
September 14th - Investing Basics
4:30/5:30CT - 5:30/6:30ET

If you haven't registered yet, click below to sign up for Smart Sister Finance on September 14th to learn how investing works.

To reach your goals you need to not just save, but invest your money too! 

In this class, we will learn:
  • Savings goals and the magic of compound interest
  • Types of investment accounts and how to access them
  • The differences between stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Books, apps and websites that can help you learn more about smart investing
Live with Shannon Donovan on the Nautilus
In case you missed the Exelon Foundation STEM Zoom,
NEED is inviting you to join for a Live Ship to Shore interaction with NEED Teacher, Shannon Donovan, who is onboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus on a mapping expedition in the world's largest marine reserve, Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument 
in the Central Pacific Ocean. 
This event will be September 7th from 4:30-5:30 CT/ 5:30-6:30 ET
Rescheduled from Earlier this Spring...
Dr. Rita Baranwal
October 4, 2022 4:30 - 5:30CT/5:30-6:30 ET
Join the Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academy October 4, 2022, for a Career Chat with Dr. Rita Baranwal, a top woman in nuclear who has transformed the state of US nuclear energy policy! ⚛️ 

Dr. Baranwal is the Chief Technology Officer at Westinghouse, the former Asst. Secretary for Nuclear Energy in the US Department of Energy. She is a MIT grad and has her PhD from the University of Michigan.  Students will get to ask questions about Dr. Baranwal's education, career, being a woman in STEM, and more!
In Person EVENT available to Chicagoland STEMinists
Museum of Science and Industry's Science Works
Learn about cool jobs and hot careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) straight from the professionals at our Museum-wide career celebration.
  • Saturday, October 8
  • 9:30 am - 2:30 pm
  • Cost of event is included in your Museum Entry
The Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academies have finished, but we are still enjoying hearing from participants.
In this issue of Steminist, look for pictures and news stories highlighting participants' experiences.
Sabene Uwazie in the News
“I wanted to get a better view on STEM opportunities,” Sabene said of the program, where local high school girls spend a week at the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology. They heard from women in various aspects of STEM careers and put together a “challenge project” that could have real-world application in fields such as alternative energy and recycling.

Sabene attended the Chicago Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academy this summer. She was interviewed by an Evanston Now Community News reporter who ran her story in August. Click to read the full article.
A Parent's Perspective
"My daughter is shy, but she really benefitted from working with other shy girls as well as working with the outgoing girls who love STEM. She got to see firsthand (not virtually) that it is okay to be smart and be a leader. She got to see her peers love learning and voice their solutions to a problem, which gave her a boost in self-confidence to allow her to use her voice."
This is an excerpt from an Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academy participant's parent.
An Excerpt from a Participant's Email.
"The Exelon STEM Leadership Academy was awesome. Actually, better than awesome, it was amazing. 

In addition to feeling like we all have a place in STEM and learning a ton over the week– the details of how everything was put together was incredible. Starting with the personalized room key and email address to the iPad and personalized shirts (including the one for our business pitch) made all of us feel special. The kindness and support during the networking dinner, our shared projects, the intellectual discussions and guest speakers made the Academy an experience I will never forget.

Calculating the costs, I realized Exelon made a significant investment in me and I'm very grateful for it. It's a company that supports girls in STEM that I can see myself working for after I graduate from college. Using a career finder questionnaire, my interests and personality type indicate that I would be best suited to be a Nuclear Engineer."

"I also just want to personally thank you again for providing such a wonderful opportunity. I truly enjoyed working with all the staff and assisting the participants this past week. Thank you for all your hard work in making it run smoothly. Not only working with Exelon this past week, but this past year has shown me how dedicated this company is to our future."
From one of our Student Mentors
Introducing new STEMINIST editor
Evelina Juarez
My name is Evelina Juarez, and I am the Exelon STEM Academy Project Manager through The NEED Project. I originally attended the Academy in 2019 as a student and have returned every year since. I am Latina and a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I believe there is nothing more valuable than representation and equality. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the ever-growing number of women in STEM and helping to create a newly empowered generation. I currently attend Waubonsee Community College with a goal of one day pursuing a career in education.
STEM on the Web
Neuroscientists figured out why thinking is so exhausting - and how to fix it.
Have you ever wondered why you are so tired after working on your computer, or being in class or a meeting all day? Neuroscientists have come up with some answers to these questions.
Securing the Energy Transition
Are you interested in Cyber Security and Energy? This blog post in Accenture by Samuel Linares, Managing Director of Global and Europe Industry X, discusses the issues and what the industry can do to assure security.
Luʻuaeaahikiikapāpahākuʻiwawā: Seafloor Mapping
The September Nautilus expedition focuses on high-resolution mapping areas of deep waters in the northern area of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM) using ship-based mapping surveys. Acquiring this data will equip resource managers with a better understanding of the formation of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, map habitats protected within the monument and assist in the national and international priority to build high-resolution maps of the seafloor, especially in areas needing protection.

Shannon Donovan, a teacher from Rhode Island who has been a part of the Exelon Foundation STEM Academy as a mentor, is a volunteer on this expedition. Click below to read more about the Nautilus's mission.

Nautilus Live Chat
Exelon Foundation STEM participants had a wonderful time this week getting to chat with our very own Shannon Donovan and some of the Nautilus crew! They are currently on a month-long expedition in the Central Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian Islands. We had the opportunity to see how the ship operates and the many capabilities it has. Through the power of Telepresence technology and a hard-working crew, we were able to learn all about this LIVE from the ship. A special thank you goes out to everyone who was able to join us! If you missed out and would like to learn more about the Nautilus and one of the many expeditions to come, we encourage you to partake in the Zoom hosted by NEED on September 7th from 4:30-5:30 CT/ 5:30-6:30 ET. You may register here or in the link in the Zoom session at the top of STEMinist.
Spotlighting Exelon STEM Scholars 2021 and 2022
Aliyana Banner
My first couple days at Drexel have been a blast. Being a part of the Delta Scholars program has really showed me what it's like to be a Dragon and new aspects of Philly I've never seen before. Not only have I had fun exploring the city but I've been making really strong friendships along the way. I've been able to get a taste of the college life through this program which makes me very excited to start college in September. Go Dragons!
Alima Conde
Starting my Sophomore year in college this year has been exciting! Leading up to the first day, I was really looking forward to starting back in-person at school again. There's something about taking new classes and meeting new people that excites me. This being my second year, third semester, I've been able to take the advice of STEM leaders and my past experiences into account. I've learned so much about navigating classes, effectively taking notes and learning as much as possible from my peers at Exelon and people I've met from my internship. One of the classes that I'm enjoying so far is Computer Applications in Education. Coming out of my summer internship, I now have knowledge that I can apply to my courses. I am glad to take a few classes in person and online. Thankfully, I've not had trouble with finding classes on campus and my experience on campus is much better now that I have a year of experience!
College Students:
Read below for an extraordinary professional development opportunity
Current college students are encouraged to apply for the Next Gen program. The program seeks to benefit students through five different avenues: education, mentorship, networking, professional development, and cohort building. The program runs from October 2022 to June 2023. Next Gen students also receive unique opportunities such as attending the 2023 Getting to Zero Forum, guided participation in an ASHRAE course, and monthly discussion groups facilitated by industry experts.

One of the key elements of Next Gen program is one-on-one mentorship. Students are paired with an industry leader aligned with their professional aspirations. We are actively recruiting mentors to support the students for the duration of the program. More information and applications to become a mentor can be found below. Student applications are open until September 16th.
STEM Scholarships for 2023
Do you see yourself going from high school to college? Visualize your graduation day and then your move in day to the college/university/trade school of your choice.

Do you need help to finance this vision?

We have compiled a list of websites that have scholarships that might fit you!
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