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Question of the Week: The Cognex In-Sight laser profiler is a _____ system used to verify dimensionality for gauging, inspection, and ID applications.
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New Robotiq Skill: Click Detection
If you're working on insertion, assembly, or quality control tasks, you probably need your robot to apply force – like when it's supposed to push a button or link different types of mating connectors. 
Now you can execute these tasks even faster with the new Click Detection Skill.

The Click Detection Skill uses the data measured by the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor to detect sudden force drops in a specific direction, in contexts such as the push of a button or the linking of different types of mating connectors.
How Does Machine Vision Play Into IIoT?
One of the most hotly discussed topics in the manufacturing world today is Industry 4.0, or "The Industrial Internet of Things."
Machine vision will be a critical part of automation systems in Industry 4.0. As data analytics capabilities progress, the high volume of data accessible through vision equipment will be used to identify and flag defective products, understand their deficiencies and enable fast and effective intervention in the Industry 4.0 factory.
A Perfect Place for MiR: Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry
The surgical instrument manufacturer Argon Medical Devices is an example of how manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry benefit from using mobile robots. In the company's facility in Wheeling, Illinois, a MiR200 robot transports materials between production and the warehouse under clean room conditions.

Before introducing the MiR to the facility, Argon spent countless man-hours on in-house transportation tasks, especially because the clean room employees must wear gowns, hair nets, and safety goggles, and then remove them any time they are outside of the clean room transfer area. Now, the company has optimized its internal material flow and workflows by freeing staff resources for higher value activities.
MiR in action at Argon

The automation of in-house transportation can be an important element for medical device manufacturers to remain competitive in a global market, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.
Announcing Our New OEM Partner: Schunk
Schunk was founded in 1945 by Friedrich Schunk as a mechanical workshop. Since then, the company has branched out to provide grippers, robots accessories, and handling products. Schunk grippers are known for their precision, longevity, and robustness. They are synonymous with process stability and efficiency in assembly and handling. Schunk's customer base includes, among others, the who's who of machine and plant construction, robotics, automation and installation, and all well-known car brands and their suppliers.
Ask us how you can get your hands on some Schunk products.
Employee Spotlight-
Meet Lou
Advanced Control Solutions welcomes our newest Application Engineer: Lou Cedrone.

Lou originally graduated from the US Naval Academy and spent some time in the Navy as a Nuclear Power engineer and Tomahawk cruise missile office.

For the last 27 years, Lou was a Controls Engineer with a major manufacturer of consumer products, with 15 of those years spent as a Machine Vision expert. He also developed new technologies, deployed them globally, as well as developed the work processes, training, and support structures.

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