We are pleased to welcome Charlotte Blease, PhD as our newest Keane OpenNotes Scholar. Her background is in philosophy and interdisciplinary health research. Her work focuses on the ethics and relational benefits of note sharing, including therapeutic benefits to patients. Charlotte is also interested in how access to visit notes empowers the most vulnerable health users . . .

New Research
A patient and family reporting system for perceived ambulatory note mistakes: experience at 3 U.S. healthcare centers , Fabinne Bourgeious, et al, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA)
New Fellowship Opportunity
New Learning Collaboratives

OpenNotes is thrilled to announce that we are establishing a number of learning collaboratives focused on specific aspects of note-sharing. The topics of focus are: pediatric/adolescent notes, mental/behavioral health notes, writing better notes, and oncology notes. If you are interested in learning more and possibly participating in any of these groups please contact Deb Wachenheim at dwachenh@bidmc.harvard.edu .  
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Liz Salmi at AMIA Annual Symosium , Washington, D.C. November 17th

Liz Salmi at U.S. News Healthcare of Tomorrow , Washington, D.C. November 18th

Liz Salmi at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) : Advancing Precision Medicine Drug Development: Incorporation of Real-World Data and Other Novel Strategies, San Diego, CA January 10th

Tom Delbanco, MD & Liz Salmi at Stanford Children's Health , Palo Alto, CA Feburary 28th

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