May 2019

Earlier this month, OpenNotes published exciting new research in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. We'll tell you about the study which focused on patients at the same health systems as our pilot study did ten years ago, except this time note sharing was done across virtually all specialties.

BOSTON – A new study of more than 20,000 adult patients, led by Jan Walker, RN, MBA, co-founder of OpenNotes, found that reading office visit notes offers considerable benefits for patients, particularly those from underserved populations. The study, “ OpenNotes After 7 Years: Patient Experiences With Ongoing Access to Their Clinicians’ Outpatient Visit Notes ” published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), is the first large-scale assessment to date of patients’ experiences with a broad range of clinicians working in practices where shared notes are well established.
Tweet of the Month

April Krutka, a doctor of osteopathic medicine working in Utah, replies to a conversation about sharing notes, adding her point of view as a doctor.