Opening New Doorways to You
~ Warm Holiday Wishes, End of Year Message & Updates ~
Hello friends and fellow creative visionaries! 

It's been a while since my last newsletter, as I had been called to step away from them for a while, but with 2016 coming to closure and a new year opening before us, I felt inspired to touch in, share a message, and provide some updates.

2016 was numerologically a #9 endings year for the collective and 2017 steps us through a new doorway of beginnings as a #1 year as a whole.

Many of us have seen loved ones transition this year, both in human and animal bodies, which hasn't been easy to go through alongside so much heightened energies abound and the personal hurdles people have been stretching and climbing over into greater essence and personal expression of that in the biggest of ways yet.

I saw both of my rabbit companions, Joy and Cosmo, off to the otherworld myself this year just 4 months apart from each other. Joy leaving in the energy of Summer Solstice and Cosmo on Halloween (Samhain). They both are powerful cosmic navigators choosing most wisely their timings and although I experience their eternal connection, it has still been emotionally challenging as a human with a heart. Yet, this has proven to conclude an era in my life and lovingly ushering in a new one they continue to support me with enormously.

And such is it for us all. An old era and paradigm is coming to an end for everyone, leaving a very fertile field of experience for us to create anew and from the most purest place of our truth.

We've seen much turmoil, disharmony, and emotional challenges with how to wrap our human hearts around much that has been unfolding. And yet, despite the attachment and expectations our feelings may desire to hold on to wanting to see and experience, everything indeed IS in divine perfection in the grand scheme of things. Hard to understand that and see just how from where we stand, but just as All That Is does not judge, there is a lesson of greater expansion of being in all of this and a message to turn within to the truth and peace we can cultivate inside of ourselves despite the energetic environment around us.

And when peace is embodied peace will be experienced, regardless of how things look.

Worry only creates anxiety and feeds the fears. 

Change will happen when we change our way of experiencing things, are ready to embrace the learning with vulnerable integrity, and when we, ourselves, embody in consistent fullness, all that we desire to see in the world. Taking action to support your truth is a way of aligning that.

You CAN assist by cultivating your own well-being, which has its own direct effect, not to mention, THEN allows you to assist others from an authentic and grounded place that is healthy and balanced.

Things that have also assisted me with this include truly immersing myself in my creative passions and in creating the life I love despite the energetic environment around me. If you spend your time focused on cultivating your dreams, being involved in what you love, spending quality time with yourself and loved ones, and funneling your energy from your heart into creating the reality and taking the actions that reflect your beliefs and values, then this acts as its own deflector and builds your life force, aura, and strengthens your ability to discern between you and what's not you, plus creates it's own natural boundary.

Of course it's key to understand how the energetic environment affecting you is providing you gifts to unlock your own Shadow and empower you into authentic being, to be aware of what's going on to the level of need that is relative to your own path, but I would also recommend removing yourself from constantly feeding the energy once you've become aware of it. 

Focus on moving it through you, understanding what it means for your own life so you can put it to harmonious rest, and then fueling the power of that enlightened awakening into creating actual change in how you live YOUR life.

2016 saw the culmination of contrasting dynamics at work and everything rising to the surface to "see", be "heard", understand, embrace, transmute....appearing like things getting worse. But that is the illusion, as with everything that changes, there is the period of the void, transformation, and the cleansing to remove the toxicity so that you can rise to your full awareness. 

In comes 2017 providing opportunity to rebuild things from the core. Opportunity to create something completely new, to put ourselves out there and express our uniqueness, to lead by example of our individual paths lighting up, finally putting our gifts and passions out there for the highest good of the world, and finding that balance between being courageously ourselves while being creative expressions of the whole tapestry in harmony.

I don't know about you, but I say yes to all of that!

And that leads me to a few quick updates of my own.

Our Magick Bus adventure, as many of you know, has come full circle and we've grounded ourselves for at least the next 6 months back in our beloved Lake Tahoe home as base. Yes, that means the Magick Bus is available to the next family who hears her call. 

If you or anyone you know is interested, information can be found here:

Currently we're in a blessed sanctuary space at 7500 elevation with stunning view that overwhelms me every day with gratitude and is perfectly supportive to my/our current needs. The place we're renting is named "Chateaux dans le Ciel" by its Reiki Master owners, but I've dubbed it the Starship Command Station. I can't tell you how many extraordinary things take place here.  And to add to the mix we just traded in our car for a cosmic silver 2015 AWD Nissan Rogue, now lovingly named the Starship Rogue to go with our abode.

Our living space will be evolving and is in process of aligning with the energies to see how it will all unfold with the 3 heart home areas the Earth has called to us from.

In the meantime, Winter is for hunkering down and creating from the inside out. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

And I feel like I'm in the perfect place to experience the essence of things the eternal child-at-heart-me loves about this time of the year including the smell of pine needles and wood fireplaces burning, winter wonderlands, woodland creatures, and the sparkly magick of snowflakes, crystalline powdered sugar snow, and clear, star-infused, crisp winter skies.
All also perfect inspiration and support for what I feel to continue my focuses on, which includes my new creative journey.

I don't know the timing on when these will all be ready for reveal, as I'm being guided by divine flow and trusting the inspired alignment of energy that moves through me.  However, I'm very excited about it all, as I am about all the new I hear and feel for everyone, and it keeps me creatively fueled. 

There will be a new book upcoming though, of that I can share. As well as new website and recreation of my current one. The rest will be a surprise including a near future big dream and soul calling I have seen in my field that I'm aligning myself toward, one step at a time. But I'm finding things rev up for sure for us all, collectively, and what I thought might be years ahead seems to be edging rapidly closer. 

Isn't it exciting how much creative energy we have in our wells to channel? It's all only limited by our imaginations and hearts. 

Another update for any of you social media enthusiasts, I've re-entered the Instagram world again after taking a year departure to focus my energies on the journey that called. 

It's a creative outlet for all the photos, as a visionary artist, I love taking and sharing to spread the energy I see in everyday life and a quick way to share while I'm unable to write long daily blogs at this time. I'm still blogging and still on Facebook, but all things readjust to support the balance needed.

So if you are interested in quick inspirational photos, creativity, short supportive words and ideas for intentional, abundant, joyous, and conscious living, how to create everyday alchemy, loving reminders, and all things magickal, I am back on there and am enjoying reconnecting with my old and new friends there . Feeling so inspired and heart-full by the things I see. 

You can find me on there as @taniamarieartist

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing together.

And lastly, travels are upcoming again, which may find me/us in your area. You just can't keep this pilgrim of the Cosmos down for long, whether journeying Earth or the other realms, I'm always called onward. :)

We'll be heading back to Southern California, but unfortunately just for the long Christmas weekend to visit Dave's family and take care of things with our storage there after spending an early Christmas celebration with my family down in Reno. So, this trip won't be conducive for connecting as our window is limited to what is already planned.

Then in March we'll be back in Sedona, AZ which will be half family trip- focused and half personal for time we need to look into things there. That trip may leave a little room for possible friend connecting.

And in May, Australia calls. We've finally confirmed that we ARE heading that way for a big two-week speaking event featuring Dave and his book Meatonomics, taking us through 7 cities. This may get extended to 3 or so weeks to add additional personal explorations there with possibility of New Zealand. It will be my first time journeying to this part of the world and I'm very excited. Hoping to see some friends while there if things align. Dates upcoming!

That's it for now. But here's some last thoughts.

There is so much potential available to each of you and it is up to each individual how you choose to embrace this or not. It's an opportunity to completely reinvent yourself and your life and to do things more differently than ever before, which will take the courage of being willing to shine your light even if no one else around you is. 

Through this upcoming Winter Solstice "gateway" you can be mindful of this turn of seasons to be more soul driven and truly embody the source of light that you are. You may feel called to go within more, be in silence, or take some moments to honor this flowing change of life cycles in whatever way speaks to you.

Welcome your inner illumination to throw the light of understanding and compassion onto the rich gifts all around you and within you. They are not always the obvious and may be in the form of things you've come to fear, turn away or hide from, and want nothing to do with. 

However you choose to celebrate this Solstice and the holiday season, I hope you will (if you haven't already) start celebrating your soul truth by standing in the light of who you are.

May all possibilities be open to you.

In Love & Creative Magick,

Tania Marie