From the Desk of Larry Skolnick
CEO/President of the MJCC
Dear MJCC Members:

I apologize once again for the delay in our reopening of the fitness center, tennis courts and fitness classes. We have resolved the issue with being able to facilitate temperature checks for everyone entering the building and I am pleased to inform you that we will be able to open on Monday morning, May 11th, at 5:30 am.

To reiterate what I sent out last week (please read carefully as this has been updated with additional information and guidance), beginning on May 11th, the MJCC will be opening the following services to its members only:

  • The Fitness Center will be open and available for use. We will be operating at partial capacity as is mandated by the City of Memphis. Workouts will be limited to 45 minute workouts and there will be a brief period in between workout time sessions for cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment. We will be requiring members to sign up in advance for workout time slots so that we can ensure control of the number of people in the fitness center at any time. Until further notice, fitness center hours beginning on May 11th will be from 5:30 am until 8:15 pm Monday-Thursday; 5:30 am-5:15 pm on Fridays; 12:00 pm-6:45 pm on Saturdays; and 8:00 am-5:45 pm on Sundays . Workout time sessions will be every hour on the half hour on weekdays (e.g. 5:30 am-6:15 am, 1:30 pm-2:15 pm, etc.), with the last time slot available for a 45 minute workout beginning at 7:30 pm Monday-Thursday and at 4:30 pm on Fridays. Workout time sessions will be every hour on the hour on Saturdays and Sundays, with the last time slot available for a 45 minute workout beginning at 6:00 pm on Saturdays and 5:00 pm on Sundays. Please note that per best practices recommendations we will not be offering any towel service so please bring your own workout towel, we will not be offering any babysitting services, and all locker room must remain closed at this time. Personal training will be available but please note that this will be “no contact” personal training and your trainer will be required to socially distance from you.

  • On-site fitness classes will be offered beginning Monday, May 11th as well and a schedule of those classes is available HERE. Per the Phase 1 guidelines for fitness centers, class sizes will be limited to 10 people including the instructor. We will maintain social distancing of 6 feet between participants in all classes. Some classes will also be streaming live so for those of you not wanting to join the live class, you can still join it virtually. We will also be having other classes that will be virtual classes only and those will be included on the May fitness class schedule as well. Please check the schedule for information on what classes will be offered live, live streamed and virtually. Also, please note that we will not be providing mats for any classes so you must bring your own mat.

You will need to register for workout time slots and fitness class participation in advance. Beginning Sunday, May 10th, you may call the MJCC at 761-0810 to sign up for either workout sessions or fitness class participation. Staff will be available Sundays-Thursdays from 8:00 am-5:00 pm and Fridays from 8:00 am-4:00 pm to take your reservations. No reservations will be taken on Saturdays. We will begin taking reservations for this week (Monday, May 11th-Saturday, May 16th) starting Sunday, May 10th from 8:00 am-5:00 pm that day. From that point forward we will accept reservations for each week beginning the Friday of the preceding week. We ask that you make your reservations a minimum of 24 hours in advance, though we will accept and accommodate same day reservations with space availability. Due to limitations on the number of people in the fitness center at any given time and the number of participants per fitness class, we ask that you please cancel any reservations that you have made a minimum of two hours in advance if your plans change. Please note that only members with advanced reservations will be allowed into the building. There will be a security guard outside the front doors who will check you in and confirm that you have a waiver and you will then proceed to the opposite side of the front entrance for your temperature check. Security will not admit anyone who is not on the list with an advanced reservation. You may arrive and begin the check in process beginning 15 minutes before your scheduled time but will not be allowed to enter the fitness center or fitness studios until the designated time and you are instructed to do so by a member of the MJCC staff. We are testing on online reservation system internally this week and hope to have an online registration option for you very soon. We will let you know when that is available.

The tennis courts will be available for casual use by members beginning on Monday, May 11th as well. No equipment will be provided by the MJCC so you must bring your own balls and racquets. We will not require reservations for tennis court use and ask that if the courts are all occupied and you are waiting that you maintain appropriate social distancing at all times.

A few other important items to mention:
  • The MJCC will be following cleaning and sanitization protocol as given by the CDC and Shelby County Health Department.
  • All MJCC staff who are onsite will be wearing masks at all times and will work hard to maintain social distancing of 6 feet from our members.
  • All MJCC staff will have a brief health screening and temperature check prior to starting their workday each day.
  • Anyone entering the MJCC to workout, attend a fitness class, etc. will be asked to have a temperature check done prior to entering the building. Anyone refusing a temperature check will not be permitted into the MJCC nor will anyone whose temperature is 99.5 or higher.
  • All members wanting to use the MJCC fitness facilities will be required to sign a waiver form. The waiver form is available HERE and we ask that you print this off and sign this before returning to the MJCC for the first time to ease your entrance into the building. Copies will also be available as you enter the building if necessary. We will not accept electronic copies or electronic signatures. Once we have a signed waiver on file upon your first return to the MJCC that will be applicable to all future visits.
  • For the time being all members must enter the MJCC through the front entrance only unless you require use of the handicapped entrance in which case you may enter via the ramp at the entrance behind the sports and fitness desk. In our effort to best serve all of our existing members, we will not be allowing any guests or selling any guest passes until further notice. Only current MJCC members will be allowed into the facility. In addition, we are suspending any new membership sales for the time being in an effort to ensure that all of our existing members have adequate access to and usage of the MJCC.
  • Though it is not practical or safe to wear a mask while working out, we do ask that everyone put on a mask on before exiting their vehicles at the MJCC and keep the mask on until you have reached the equipment you will be using in the fitness center or your designated fitness class. Please make sure to put your mask back on when your workout is complete and you are ready to leave the fitness center or the fitness studios. We also ask that you leave promptly after you are done with the session for which you signed up so that we can complete our cleaning process and allow the next participants entry.
  • Only children ages 13 and older will be allowed into the building to use the fitness center with an advanced reservation and they must have a signed waiver form as well to be allowed entry HERE. No other children will be allowed into the MJCC at this time. If you have a child who is 13 or older who you will be dropping off for a workout with an advanced reservation please remain in your vehicle and on the premises until he/she is admitted into the MJCC and please arrive promptly to pick your child up after his/her workout.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the phased in reopening of our city and there may be changes to our procedures once we are reopened. I apologize in advance for any bumps in the road as we work through this unprecedented situation, and I thank you for your patience and understanding. We will continue to communicate with you as the phased in reopening of the City of Memphis progresses.

If you have any questions regarding any of the details of this email please reach out to Mike McGee, our Member Services Director at or Jeremy Weiser, the MJCC’s COO at .

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we phase in the reopening of the MJCC and thank you for your patience and ongoing support of your Memphis Jewish Community Center. I look forward to beginning to welcome you back onto our campus!

Please stay safe and healthy.

Shabbat Shalom,
Larry Skolnick