Woodstock Artists Association and Museum 
Towbin Wing
Earth, Air, Water
Works from
the collection and selected loans

June 16 - September 30
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Opening Recepton
Saturday, June 16, 4-6pm

 Main Gallery

Earth, Air, Water 
June 16 - July 15 
Juror: Sara Lynn Henry

Professor of Art History, Emerita and
N.E.H. Distinguished Teaching Professor of Humanities, Emerita at Drew University

"The elements and the land, singly or together.
Felt, seen, pondered, abstracted, concerned about, and/or experienced as deep presences."

 The Elisa Pritzker Green Award: Nicole Roskos 

The Loel Barr Award: Art Murphy
Honorable Mention:
Joan Ades, Frances Clair Garofalo,
Pia Oste-Alexander, Christine Riecke 


Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Gertrude Abramson, Joan Ades

J. H. Aronson, Kristy Bishop, Elizabeth Broad

Stewart Dean, Janet M. Lee-Dow, Michael Esposito

Kari Feuer, Howard Finkelson, Frances Clair Garofalo

Judy Glasel, F. B. Goodwin, Katherine Gray, Laura Gurton

David K. Holt, Michael Joyce, Mark Kessler

John Kleinhans, Alex Kveton, Gay Leonhardt 

Harriet Livathinos, David Marell, Elin Menzies, Art Murphy
Theresa O'Conner, Pia Oste-Alexander, Christine Riecke

Nicole Roskos, Thomas Sarrantonio, Michael Tischle

Agnes Tomaselli, Sally Walker, Claudia Waruch


 Founders Gallery 

Small Works
Juror: Marie Christine Case 

Director of Windham Fine Arts
Amy Ylvisaker Award:
Lois Linet
Honorable Mention:
Penny Dell, Dan McCormack

Judy Abbott, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, J. H. Aronson

Kristy Bishop, Bobby Blitzer, Dot Chast
Penny Dell, Margarete de Soleil, Yale Epstein

Michael Fattizzi, Patti Ferrara, Kari Feuer

Howard Finkelson, Bob Glassman, Doris Goldberg

Robert Goldfarb, F. B. Goodwin, Laura Gurton

Marianne R. Heigemeir, Pat Horner

Demetrios Karayannides, Mary Katz, John Kleinhans

Deirdre Leber, Gay Leonhardt, Lois Linet

Robert Lipgar, Dan McCormack, Susan Nickerson

Pia Oste-Alexander, Marilynn Rowley, Susan Sammis

Sandra Scheuer, Roberta Sickler, Janet Siskind

Julie Sitney, Rosalind Tobias, Agnes Tomaselli

Lynn Towner, Pamela Wardwell, Marcie Woodruff

Margaret Wright


 Towbin Museum Wing
Earth, Air, Water
Works from the collection and selected loans
June 16 - September 30

Solo Gallery

Polly Law

Active Member Wall

Lois Linet

Youth Exhibition Space 
Ian Byrne 

Recipient of the 2012 Ackerman Award


28 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498