You've given Sharlene another chance
Opening doors: Sharlene's story
Doors slammed in Sharlene's face everywhere she turned, but things changed when she found the DRC and Housing Specialist David Paniagua.

Sharlene has a service dog, and most shelters will not accept animals. She qualified for housing assistance, but a previous eviction made landlords wary.

That meant no shelter for Sharlene while homeless and no way off the streets.

So for six months, home for Sharlene and her dog, Precious, was a 2006 Chevy Cobalt, despite the best efforts of homeless services agencies in both Dallas and Tarrant counties.
Enter David Paniagua, who had been contacted by Dallas officials. They had given Sharlene a voucher that would pay her rent. What they had not be able to give her was an apartment.

David and the DRC housing team went to work, contacting landlords whose trust the agency has earned with its success rate in getting--and keeping--people housed.

Weeks passed, however, and the past eviction, combined with apartment vacancy rates of less than 5%, kept doors closed to Sharlene.

Undaunted, David continued negotiating. Could the DRC pay a higher deposit for Sharlene? Pay her first and last month's rent? Step by step, David whittled down the objections until Sharlene at last had a lease.

The DRC difference
Housing is the DRC difference, and it works. Using an approach called Housing First, the DRC helps people like Sharlene find housing fast. We then make housing last by linking people with help and support they will need to succeed.

The results: 90% of people housed by the DRC have maintained their housing after one year, and 85% are still housed after two years. That's remarkable, and it's healthier for people and communities. Study after study finds taxpayers save money when people experiencing homelessness are given housing, even in the nation's most expensive housing markets.
It's all thanks to you
We trust you take comfort in knowing you give people a second chance with your support of the DRC. Together we're opening doors to hope and housing .

Eviction is both a cause and effect of poverty, according to Matthew Desmond, author of Evicted, a New York Times bestseller and unsparing look at the causes, costs and consequences of eviction for poor renters in our nation.

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One of the DRC's housing clients needs your help to sustain employment. In short, she needs wheels. A women's bicycle, either new or reconditioned, and a lock to secure it will provide her reliable transportation to and from work. Contact to give.

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