The Center for Spirit, Wisdom and the Arts wishes you a.

Come celebrate with us at the new


Dog and Hello Kitty Chapel


  with a Blessing of the Animals


13014 Calle De Las Rosas, San Diego CA 92019 

Sunday January 4, 2015 1-3 pm


Our Dog Buddy, Walt and Bonnie invite you  come make 
new human and non-human freinds in the New Year!

Dog spelled backward is God. God/Dogs love us unconditionally and they teach us how to live devoted to love. We are here on earth to give and receive love, not just for our own families and pets, but to grow our hearts as big as whale hearts, which are as big as cars. We gather to learn, to grow in our capacity to love and care for God and all of God's creation. 


Hello Kitty has no mouth. It is time to give the female animal aspecwithin men and women a voice to save our planet. Our ecologic climate crisis is causing species to die off, some scientists estimate that we are losing dozens of species every day, and possibly as many as 30 to 50 percent of all species are heading toward extinction by mid-century. This is not caused by volcanic eruption or events like asteroids striking that killed off the dinosaurs, but by us humans and our lack of consciousness. Please brinyour children, dogs,other pets and loved ones and everyone will be given a blessing-- for we are all animals.Also bring photos of pets who have diedand species of animals thathave died and we will begin to adorn the walls of the 

chapel with loving memories. We will honor all God's creatures, past,present and future in thenewDogandHello Kitty Chapel. This Blessing of the Animals is an invitation to build beloved community with human and non-human animals.


"To see the world with ecological relations at its core means to never to see it in the same way again."John B. Cobb Jr.


God is the creative force and is in relationship with us in every 

moment.  Whatever harm or blessing we do to any creature we harm or bless ourselves and every other living creature in our interconnected web of life. Gaia is the concept that our earth is a giant eco-system. Ecology now teaches what the mystics in all the world religions know. We are One!


The New Backyard Church seeks to bind us togetheto heaand transform ourselves and our sacred Earth.

Co-Founder and Co-DirectoothCenter and minister othe churches is Rev.Bonnie Tarwater. 

Dr.Walter Rutherford,Co-Foundeand Co-Directoof the center is thDirector of Counseling Services. Together they offer workshops, classes, support groups and host Twelve-Step meetings anda"MonthlyDrugFreeDance forPeopleofAllAges."  

Upcoming events:


Intimate Relationships as Spiritual Practice, Saturday, 

February 7, 2015, 9 am-3 pm


Ecologic Civilization Conference June 4th - 7th 2015  

Pomona College

An international conference bringing together some 1,000 presenters across more than 80 fields of specialty for the most ambitions trans-disciplinary event held on behalf of the planet.

The center also offers weekly dream groups, Centering Prayer, worship, workshops, dances and pot lucks, counseling and spiritual direction.

 Please contact Bonnie 

(858) 248-5123,


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