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a conceptual art show

Friday, March 1st  *  6  - 8 pm
2019 is our year of introspection. 
We will explore the various ways of seeing deep inside who we are and how we view the world. 
From the lens of a camera, to the interior of a human sculpture, we will learn about ourselves through the eyes of the artist. 

Our first show of the year will focus on the human eye. Too many people in the world avert their eyes when speaking to someone.  Or, if they do look at the other person, they often do not see who is staring back at them. This exercise in concentration will help us to go inward and be more introspective about who we are in the world of other humans, whether it is with friends or family or strangers.  

Be a part of Hilton | Asmus Contemporary's first ever conceptual performance. Inspired by the works of Marina Abramovic, this performance aims to recontextualize the meaning of eye contact and its role in human interaction.

We invite you, our audience, to be participants in an eye gazing exercise. Each will sit for 5 minutes and gaze into the eyes of various star gazers!   Afterwards, you will be provided paper and pencil to write down or draw your feelings about the experience. We will then collect and exhibit these thoughts and musings.  

Can you look someone in the eyes without looking away? 

Explore yourself in the eyes of another.  
Who knows, you may never look at others the same way again!   

Susan Aurinko "Untitled"

Hilton | Asmus is proud to announce that beginning in 2019, we will be serving all beverages in biodegradable and compostable cups to do our part in reducing plastic pollution on our planet.  Please join us this Friday evening for a glass of wine to enjoy fine art, good company and celebrate the beginning of  t he winter art season.