Hey friends!

We know the G train isn't running reliably this Summer, but luckily the East River Ferry ROCKS and drops you off just a few blocks from our door! Use it when you wanna stop in on the weekend, or anytime you yearn to feel the wind in your hair!

And please do join us
THIS Friday night,
August 9th,
from 7-10 pm at

The One Well

as we host a reception for
Sarah Intemann
and her collection of portraits entitled
"Magistrates of Marzipan"

Sarah Intemann is a fine artist working in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Born in Dayton Ohio, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wright State University. Intemann primarily does large scale abstract paintings & drawings, but has strayed from her usual work with this new series of realistic portraiture. Drawn from marble busts of prominent men, she was attracted to the whimsicality of these men of position in frivolous wigs and attire. All work is charcoal pencil and acrylic ink wash on paper.

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