This week the House is considering the operating budget. We have been hearing amendments on the floor for the last two days and expect to vote on the final budget after they have all been considered. This year’s House FY19 budget of $4.5 billion in unrestricted general funds represents a very small increase over last year’s budget but is still down nearly one billion from FY15. Here are a few key facts about as Rep. Spohnholz during the operating budget debate March 21, 2018
the FY19 House Budget:

  1. Invests in public safety by adding 5 prosecutors, 4 public defenders and 4 guardians ad litem to ensure prosecution of criminals.
  2. Invests $18M in public education funding by changing the Public School Trust funds distribution formula. This won’t cost Alaskans anything—it allows us to make a higher draw from the Public School Trust which is an investment fund solely for public education.
  3. Invests $19 million in the University of Alaska because it drives innovation, business development, workforce readiness and keeps bright kids in Alaska. 

We will continue hearing the operating budget on the house floor through at least Thursday. You can stream the House floor session at