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The House of Mercy children's home in Katmandu, Nepal is operated by the Tamang family, James and Holly. They are sweet missionaries for the Lord. ORH has supported the home for many years.

James wrote the following report.

"Few months back, we were able to take in a girl, Sima who is just five years old. Her story goes like this.

In the far west of Nepal there is a system where young girls are valued for the future at the proper age. 

This girl, Sima has been left by her mother for another man and had left her with her dad, a drunkard. Her dad had finally decided that he did not want her anymore and was about to throw her into the river. 

During that time another man saw him and asked if he could raise her. Sima’s father was willing to depart this unwanted daughter to this man. This man already has two of his own children, both of them are boys. They took Sima into their family knowing that they did not have enough to support themselves.

The Nepali missionary, pastor to this region mentioned to us the need for her to be in a safe environment. The only one option was to take her out of that situation for the possibility of being sold for her body in future.

A few years back we had visited this region and had prayed for such children to be rescued from such circumstances. We were able to get at least one girl. If it was not for this man who decided to take her into his family, Sima would not have been able to be with us. 

If it was not for a Nepali missionary, pastor she may have been forced to sell her body for living in the near future. But we thank God for the people He has placed in the life of Sima. 

Here we have been teaching things of God Almighty and His love for her. Please pray for Sima and for us to teach her well."
Holly Tamang wrote the following to report on the health of the children.

"Good to hear from you. Currently because of Corona, the ministry has been affected in many different ways. Currently most of the children are exposed or have had corona. However, there are many of us are on the road of recovery. It is little difficult when all the adult who are care taker sick with Corona. 

Thank God one of the children who used to be with in our children home lives close by and have helped in taking care of the sick. 

We really appreciated her help at this. Lockdown has been quite difficult to maintain regular activities. The groceries are open 6 to 9 am only. So.please do pray for us. Thank you very uch for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support."

There is much more that James wrote concerning their need to buy property for their work.

"...The picture of the van is with Pastor Lavia carrying about 1500 pounds of Johns-Romans and 8 boxes of Bibles from Beams.
Additionally there was about 300 pounds of Gospel tracts. Trying to help the pastors feed body and souls..."
Sea Hope has docked in St. Vincent and off-loaded their relief cargo. Captain Puryear stayed with the project never giving up. He was the point man in obtaining the relief goods.

ORH was happy to provide $6000.00 in fuel money for this project. Captain Puryear's constant concern and love for the ministry to St. Vincent is evident in the following message he sent to ORH.

"We had the privilege and honor to deliver about 55,000 pounds of relief supplies to St Vincent. The load consisted of about 39,000 pounds of food (rice, beans, flour, sugar, canned goods, pasta, etc), basic medical and health supplies, bedding material, cleaning supplies and clothing. There were also 3 pressure washers. The cargo was given to Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean and it will be specifically handled by 3 national pastors (Dexter Kirby, Lenius Lavia and Presley Daniel) who are all board members of the college. They have established four food distribution centers and plan to open 2 additional ones. They are serving people who were evacuated from the Red Zone surrounding the volcano. The Red Zone will not be reopened for several more weeks, maybe months. The Bible college board will also serve as the planning group for the reconstruction effort in the Red Zone."

"We are looking at a second trip in August. Will be mostly medical supplies, including hospital beds to give to hospital. Will not start rebuilding effort for several months. Red Zone still closed."

Please pray for Captain Puryear and his crew. Pray that they will always have a crew available. Pray for their safety as they sail. Also, pray that Captain Puryear will always have the funds necessary for fuel and maintenance on the boat.
Young people must look to the future with medical missions.
Operation Renewed Hope is committed to helping young people do this.

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