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It is always a joy to help young people with their health needs, especially families who are essential to the ministries where ORH has held clinics. The Bible is clear that Christians are to do good to all men, but especially those in the faith. ORH has tried to be faithful to all.

Buddy Fitzgerald in Peru wrote ORH about the need for eye surgery for David Herrera. ORH responded by sending $1400.00 to cover David’s needed surgery. Please read the message from Buddy.

"Hi brother Jan, thank you so much! This is a huge answer to prayer!

The surgery may be as soon as Saturday. 

Segundo was saved and baptized about 8 years ago. He quickly moved here to town in order to study the Bible, and begin leading his family. He soon sensed a call to ministry, and has been training and faithful since then. He was recognized as a church deacon last year, and has been taking evangelistic trips upriver multiple times per year, in addition to his ministries in town. Segundo has been a great blessing in preparing for and following up on the ORH clinics. He is a diligent servant of the Lord. 

His son, David, has had eye problems since he was very small. He has a sort of early-onset congenitive cataract degeneration. He needs eye surgery. There is a doctor here who occasionally brings surgeons from Lima, who will perform the surgery for around $1300. David will need some follow-up therapy as well. 

We appreciate your love, prayers, and support! Buddy and Loren"
Grace’s father, Pastor Athem Chothe, sent ORH pictures and a brief report of how Grace is doing. It is great to see her in the church of one of the missionaries that works with ORH.

"Dr. Jan, how are you?

Grace went to Academic Dean office and completed most of the formalities today.

Yes, Grace is with pastor Derek, and his wife with the girls
She is ...going there (Derek Thomas's church), and she will be able to continue while she goes to college.

She is going every Wednesday Bible study, Youth Services and Sunday service."

I asked him about her financial situation, and he replied.

"We are shy of $2500 as there was increased in health insurance due to covid."

Pray for Grace, ORH needs another medical missionary from India.

Grace with missionary Derek Thomas and his church people in Kyiv.. Grace is in the back on the right.
This is a group of young ladies in the church with Grace.
Captain Puryear and Sea Hope are back at sea with approximately 27,5 tons of humanitarian cargo for people displaced because of the volcano which erupted on the Island of St. Vincent.

Captain Puryear will deliver the cargo to the churches to be distributed to the people of the Island. ORH has helped Captain Puryear with $5000.00 for fuel.

ORH has also sent a total of $2000.00 to missionary, John Wilburn, and national pastor, Claudius Harry. Pastor Harry wrote the following in a letter to churches.

"....About fourteen thousand persons have been displaced to shelters, villages and crops have been flattened, and the ash has made havoc around.

The government has been feeding thousands of people every day. Food would be scarce here for a long time, because the ash has destroyed our crops, and the economy is running low."
The photos to the left are Sea Hope at the dock in Jacmel, Haiti and cargo which was delivered there.

ORH will send pictures of the Sea Hope in St. Vincent when they come to us.
Young people must look to the future with medical missions.
Operation Renewed Hope is committed to helping young people do this.

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