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Today is the first day of Summer and I'm excited to share this awesome opportunity to protect our troops serving overseas, it's called Operation Sunscreen. 

Your tax deductible donation of a sun care package to Soldier's Angels will provide comfort and protection to our troops.  Each package includes 2 Mary Kay Sun Care Sunscreen with SPF 50 and 2 Mary Kay Sun Care Lip Protector with SPF 15.  Our unit goal is 1,000 care packages.  My personal goal is 100; through the wonderful support of some great people, I've donated 17 care packages so far. My goal is to send all 100 by June 30th.  So please share this email with friends and colleagues.

Click this link to donate your care package and receive a receipt with the tax  ID number for Soldier's Angels for your records.

Here are some of the comments from the soldiers who have received this awesome gift:

"Thank you for your generous donation of Mary Kay sun care products. They have been flying off the shelf. We provided our resident Medical Clinic with a box and they have run out. Your donation arrived at a perfect time, during the heat of summer. I am one of the lucky ones who conduct the majority of my business inside an air-conditioned building. As soon as I walk outside the heat slaps me in the face."


"Thank You so much for the wonderful package. I was surprised to see Mary Kay products, which are my absolute favorite. Thank you so much for thinking of us and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  We are so very honored by our Soliders' Angels. Everything that you sent was wonderful...which are a great hit with all of our Soldiers."

More at: http://soldiersangels.org/operation-mary-kay.html

Operation Sunscreen