JUNE 2018
To Georgia Coroners and Medical Examiners:

On July 1 st , two new fields will be added to GAVERS that we hope will greatly assist Georgia Department of Public Health’s ability to track and respond to possible overdose deaths in a timely manner. Information entered into these new fields in GAVERS will only be used and shared for public health purposes, and will not appear on any printed death certificates. Coroners and medical examiners will be able to use and edit these fields while the cause and manner of death are still pending. Data from these fields can be deleted when the final cause and manner of death have been determined.

Attached you will find some guidance from the Georgia Department of Public Health on how these new fields should be used, along with a screenshot of how they will appear in GAVERS starting on July 1 st. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the State Office of Vital Records and we will be happy to assist.
Thank you,
Georgia State Office of Vital Records Leadership Team
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