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Providing training material
Training Material Provided
Between now and November Hope Builders Ministries Zambia has several important projects YOU can partner with:
  • Bible Project
  • November Conference 
Welcome your contacts to your calendar of events. Provide some general information about the events they will be viewing below. Build up the anticipation for what will be coming in the days, weeks, and months ahead.
Murundu Project
HBM Zambia has the opportunity to acquire an existing orphan ministry and its property that is being held in trust by the town council. The orphanage is underfunded and understaffed. At present there are 150 orphans and a number of widows. Our vision is to centralize our Zambia  Dignity Project in Murundu and have satellite ministries all over Zambia.

$50,000 is needed to insure that the children are fed, clothed, housed and schooled for one year and to renovate the facilities the children live in.

GOAL: It is our goal to be "self-sustaining" (by the grace of God) within two years.

The Murundu Project will also include a "Pastoral Equipping Center" to include a printing facility, agricultural training, and a conference and retreat center for the HBM Zambia network of pastors.

Find out more about the Murundu Project and partner with us to see this vision come to pass.
October 29 - December 7, 2012

My co-worker and friend, Keith Walsworth, and I will conduct numerous Pastor's Conferences in Zambia this fall. Your generous gifts make this important ministry possible. These conferences provide the supplemental training to the HBM Zambia pastors in training and those that have completed training and are training others. YOU can share with us by giving online @ Pastor Training

Thank you for remembering to pray and give to Hope Builders Ministries Zambia.
Constant Need

Christians need a Bible. Most rural believers in Zambia do not have a bible. Either, they cannot afford one outright OR they can not afford to make the long arduous trip to a major city to buy one.

Hope Builders Ministries Zambia provides Bibles for Believers through your generous giving. Your Church, small group, Sunday School class, business or family project can and does make it possible for HBMZ to distribute thousands of Bibles to pastors and churches in Zambia.
Bibles for Believers Zambia

Or Mail your tax-deductible gift to:
Hope Builders Ministries, POBox 317, Greenwood, VA 22943. Designate Zambia Bibles

Personal Support

Lou Ann and Jeff are always so thankful to God for the personal support they receive. Your support makes it possible for them to focus their life and ministry on representing and assisting Hope Builders Ministries in Zambia. Along with the bi-annual trips to Zambia to encourage, equip and monitor the ministry there Jeff maintains the HBM and HIMAfrica web presence and visits churches and individuals concerning HOPE BUILDERS MINISTRIES.

Jeff and Lou Ann are not employed by HBM but by the Lord. Your partnership sustains them in this ministry. Thank you.

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Zambian Orphans
Murundu Orphans
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Pastors Conference
Pastors Conference
Airfare, travel in Country, Food and Hospitality, printing, four - 4 day conference costs:

NEED: $10,000

Donate by mail:
Hope Builders Ministries, POBox 317,
Greenwood, VA 22943


Designate: Pastor Training

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Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins
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