Opportunities are Based on Timelines

As creative entrepreneurs and artists we often need inspiration to come out with our best work. The problem with waiting for inspiration is that you can miss important opportunities especially when creating content. Creating content and having it work for you is more about consistency than it is about inspiration. If you are producing content for others then working on their timelines are also important.

 I often have people producing content for some of my programs and they sometimes miss opportunities if they wait for inspiration when creating their content. The person creating the content may be waiting for inspiration but the project creating it for may be on a firm schedule and as they say the show must go on. This is why it is important to have what we call a content production schedule when creating content to ensure you are meeting the timelines of the project.

I talk to many artists that create everything from comics to book illustrations and more and all of the artists that are working professionally create content based on the timeline for the project rather than waiting for inspiration. Most have a production schedule and even batch their work on a weekly basis to keep to those schedule.

I myself have multiple podcasts, radio station, and television shows and all are on some sort of schedule. Some schedules are monthly, some are weekly, and some are daily. Sticking to a production schedule is paramount to the shows being aired and sometimes there are steps to be done by other people that shortens the timeline for myself. I learned early on when illustrating for magazines that if you miss a deadline you miss an opportunity. It doesn’t matter how good the work or how popular the person the deadline is the driving force to success. Creatives that can meet deadlines on a consistent basis sill be called upon time and time again.

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Tips to Creating a Production Schedule
Now that you have learned how to create a production schedule you can apply those items to your workflow and if you are consistent you will see success in your process. Although content needs to be good, meeting deadlines is the next important factor. As someone that produces a lot of content creating that content consistently has been the reason that others look to us for content. Content is king when it comes to online factors and publications. Learn to produce content consistently and you too will be the king or queen of your topic of choice.
App of the Month-Google Calendar
Using a calendar is paramount to successfully creating content. Although any calendar will do I like the Google calendars because you can create multiple calendars, colour code them, share them, and see them in one place. This way you can create a production calendar within your regular calendar to see timelines all at once.

So I hope that helps you improve your content creation process.

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