June 13,2019
Happening this Summer
The month of July is full of activities and opportunities to serve. Please make sure to scroll all the way to the end and contact the church office, admin@cfconline.org, if you have any questions!
Mark your calendars for this 45th Anniversary celebration. Sign up coming soon.
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There will be Baptisms at the CFC Potsdam Picnic. Click on the image to sign up!
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The Arts Program of NNY is a ministry of Christian Fellowship Centers to the communities we serve in NNY. The Arts Program exists to provide educational and experiential opportunities in the arts for young and old, beginner and seasoned alike through dance, acting, music, visual arts, and theater.
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At a glance
July 8-10:  Arts Program Workshops
July 15-19: Summer Soccer Camp
July 18-21: Tenderly - Arts Program Musical
July 28: Potsdam Picnic
July 28: Madrid Picnic
August 5-10:  Arts Program Summer Camp
August 17:  Anniversary Meeting and Church Picnic
August 30-September 1: Campfire Youth Retreat