Maternal Mental Health 101 is a FREE 90-minute webinar presented in partnership with 2020Mom. Learn from the experts: Joy Burkhard, Executive Director of 2020Mom; Wendy Davis, Executive Director of PSI; and Birdie Gunyon Meyer, former President of PSI. 
December 5, 2019. Learn more HERE .

Maternal Mental Health Online Certificate Course is an online webinar series presented in partnership with 2020Mom. The Course includes eight live sessions, small group discussions, supplemental reading materials, 16 continuing education credits (where applicable), and a certificate of completion. 
Starts February 2020. Learn more HERE .

Perinatal Mental Health Webinar Series is a 7-class webinar series covering identification, diagnosis, support, treatment, and latest research about perinatal mental health. The expert faculty -- experienced clinicians, researchers, and advocates -- are all members of the PSI President’s Advisory Council. 
On demand. Learn more HERE .

Psychopharmacology in Perinatal Mental Health is a 2-hour webinar covering Pharmacological Interventions in Pregnancy, Postpartum and Lactation and is an intermediate level educational event in the study of perinatal mental health.
On demand. Learn more H ERE

Webinars for Family and Community Support is a 4-class webinar series for families, communities, and advocates to learn from leaders in the field about strengthening support for families and communities. Led by PSI Founder Jane Honikman and other notables in the field of maternal mental health. 
On demand. Learn more HERE .