June 2018
Today's stories represent our organizational values of Impact, Choice, Heart and Partnership. Do you have a values story to share? Let us know.
Choice - opportunities for greater independence

Making candles was one of our jobs back in the 1960s
A look back in our history: In 1961, more space was needed at our main facility as there were twice as many applicants as could be enrolled! People from all over Minnesota were seeking out what was then called Opportunity Workshop for opportunities to gain employment skills and lead more independent lives. Today, we help advance the quality of life for more than 2,000 people every year.
Partnership = success

Opportunity Partners collaborates with hundreds of businesses for kitting, packaging and assembly services at our locations, or contract teams providing custodial, dish room/food service, office and production services at your workplace.

Two companies finding success with Opportunity Partners are Rockler Woodworking and Hardware and Cintas.

Rockler depends on Opportunity Partners to package or assemble nearly 100 different products ranging from cabinet hinges and drawer slides to ladder kits. "Everyone here is so easy to work with, flexible with our changes and committed to quality," said Kathy Theis from Rockler.

Meanwhile, at Cintas in St. Paul, Opportunity Partners team members straighten and organize clothes hangers from work uniforms, processing up to 40,000 hangers each day. The job provides great opportunities for people with disabilities to increase their skills, while providing Cintas a guaranteed workforce Monday through Friday.

Partner with us today! We do great work and are ready to innovate with you. Contact Bonnie Hagen at 952-930-4201 or partner@opportunities.org.
Heart - celebrating artistic talent

On May 31, Asplin Center held their annual art show. The walls and cafeteria were filled with beautiful pieces by people served at Asplin. So much talent in one building! Thanks to everyone who attended.
Impact - Service Design continues

We have a number of new initiatives underway relating to our Service Design efforts and moving people to competitive, integrated employment. At our Penn Station location in Bloomington, we're working to prepare people for their next employment step and to align with future changes in service rates. This involves creating more integrated work environments and offering new training opportunities to persons served. For example, we've paired a person served with a warehouse associate, and we've helped transition two persons served into our returns department where they are learning more advanced skills. One of the individuals, Kelley, is proud to be working more independently and doing a job formerly done by staff. Her multi-step job involves reading job instructions, repackaging and labeling returns, and signing off when complete. "It feels really good," she said. "The hard work paid off."
Trade associations sue to halt damaging cuts

Disability trade associations ARRM and MOHR and several individuals with disabilities have joined together in a lawsuit in federal court to stop implementation of a 7 percent rate cut affecting people with disabilities. The suit claims current Minnesota statute requires Minnesota's Department of Human Services to continue to fully fund its obligations to the services rates paid for through the state's Medicaid waivers, which allow people with disabilities to access supports to live and work in the community. Read ARRM's announcement about the lawsuit. Stay tuned for updates on this important development!

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Established in 1953, Opportunity Partners helps people with disabilities live, learn and 
work more independently through innovative services and collaborations with business. 

Together we advance the quality of life for people with disabilities.