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Education Special Edition, March 2019

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  • National Examinations in World Languages (NEWL) in Portuguese Announced
  • FYI: Dual Language Initiative in RI
  • PSFA Sponsored Internship 
  • Applications for PALCUS Scholarship now open!  

At the request of the Embassy of Portugal in Washington, D.C., PALCUS is pleased to share the following important information:

The Embassy of Portugal in Washington D.C. in collaboration with Camões, I.P. and with the Coordination of Portuguese Teaching in the USA announces that the next edition of the NEWL Portuguese Exam will take place on May 2, 2019, at the national level (U.S.A.) and is conducted online. Registration will be open until March 31, at one of the examination centers, at schools approved by the NEWL / American Councils for International Education.

Targeted for traditional foreign language learners and heritage learners, NEWL exams produce AP®-style score reports, which can be used to apply for college credit and/or placement.

Further detailed information about the exam, including applicable fees, may be obtained by contacting the Coordinator or Adjunct Coordinators of CEPE-US English Teaching (see contacts below) or by accessing the following links:

For information on registering as a new certified testing center, you can consult the following link:

This process has been accompanied by the diplomatic and consular network in the USA in coordination with the Coordination of Portuguese Teaching in the USA (CEPE-USA), with the relevant departments of Camões, Institute of Cooperation and Language, IP, College Board and other entities and professional organizations linked to the teaching and learning of foreign languages, as well as other member countries of the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) that maintain diplomatic representation in the United States.

What are the NEWL exams?  

The NEWL exams currently assess students' language skills (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written production, and oral production)of those who are enrolled in 9th grade or above, OR who have turned 14 before September 1, 2018 in four languages, Portuguese (since 2017), Arabic, Korean, and Russian. As far as levels of proficiency are concerned, the evaluation follows the guidelines of the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages, placing the examinees between elementary and intermediate levels (levels A1 to B1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
In regards to proficiency levels, the NEWL exams follow the guidelines of the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and rank between Novice High and Intermediate High levels. Taking into account the correspondence between the proficiency levels of CEFR/QUArepe and the ACTFL levels, it is concluded that the NEWL exams stand between A1 and B1 levels.

The NEWL is developed by the American Councils for International Education, whose mission is to create and encourage programs, academic exchanges and research in partnership with educational institutions of secondary and higher education in the United States, Africa, South America, Asia and Europe .

This assessment is recognized by the Advanced Placement program of the College Board, a nonprofit organization that assists students in preparing for college entrance, through courses offered in various fields (science, arts, history, economics, and others) ) and orientation during the process of transition to higher education. The courses and evaluations offered by the Advanced Placement program are recognized by many American universities, which can guarantee the achievement of credits in both secondary and tertiary education, even for the positioning of the student who wishes to pursue studies in Portuguese.

The possibility of obtaining credits through the NEWL exam values the knowledge of the Portuguese language, as well as has the potential to increase the search for courses and programs in the language.  This recognition will benefit Portuguese-speaking communities living in the United States, in particular Portuguese and Portuguese-American students who intend to apply to American universities.

Dates of the Portuguese NEWL exam:
Main Exam: May 2, 2019
Late Testing: May 21 (second chance)

Costs of the NEWL exams:
Main: $94
Late Testing: $45 + Main fee
Reduced: $53 ( fee reduction for the main exam for individuals with financial need).

Under the Memorandum of Understanding between Camões, I.P. and the American Councils for International Education, Camões, I.P. will allocate an annual amount of € 2,000 (two thousand euros) to support the costs of Portuguese or Portuguese-speaking students who apply for the Portuguese exam NEWL, on a first come, first available basis. For this purpose, NEWL examination centers should contact NEWL services directly. 

Assessment format and duration of exam: 
The exam will include the different variants of global Portuguese and will assess the students' competences in the following components:
  • Reading (60 minutes)
  • Listening (45 minutes) 
  • Writing (45 minutes) 
  • Speaking (45 minutes)
The test lasts 3 hours and a half, comprising a 10 minute interval between the first two components and the last two.
Link to sample questions:

Qualified testing Centers:

The education institutions interested in establishing NEWL exam centers should fill in the application form and send it to NEWL by email at: Upon approval by NEWL, the institution can enroll students from any other schools where such centers do not exist or have not been authorized; The education institutions must provide the adequate resources, both human, technological and computing for the sitting of online exams, namely a lab technician or an IT teacher, computer labs and the following software equipment: Windows or Mac OSX, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari, among others; These guidelines will allow that the Learning of Portuguese in the United States to be recognized as part of an educational curriculum that may grant additional credits, both in secondary education and higher education institutions, enjoying the recognition of the most prestigious U.S. entities in this matter, in particular, the American Councils for International Education and College Board (Advanced Placement Program). Further detailed information can be obtained through the following link:

Christopher Bateman, Logistics Coordinator
Assessment and Curriculum Development 
T: 202-833-7522 F: 202-833-7523

João Caixinha, Coordinator to CEPE-EUA 
T: 617-775-9161 F: 617-536-2503

José Adão, Deputy Coordinator to CEPE-EUA (Newark/New York) 
T: 973-780-0576 F: 973-643-3900

Duarte Pinheiro, Deputy Coordinator to CEPE-EUA (California)
T: 916-335-3902

Additional Resources:

College Board (2006) World Languages Framework. New York, NY: Author. Retrieved from:

Educational Testing Service (2009) ETS Guidelines for Fairness Review of Assessments. Princeton, NJ: Author. Retrieved from

National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project (NSFLEP). (2015) World-Readiness standards for learning languages (W-RSLL). Alexandria, VA: Author. Retrieved from:

The ACTFL guidelines:



RIFLA (Rhode Island Foreign Language Association) is hosting a

Multilingual Education Advocacy Day at the Rhode Island State House in Providence on April 23, 2019.


Speakers and exhibitors will promote the need for Dual Language Education Programs in the Ocean State.  Among the exhibitors will be the Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies at Rhode Island College. 

SAN LEANDRO, CA - PALCUS and PFSA have partnered to provide a summer internship in Portugal to a PFSA member who is an undergraduate or graduate student. Through the PALCUS/PFSA partnership, all costs related to the internship and lodging in Portugal will be covered.  Students are responsible for airfare, meals and personal expenses. 
More information coming soon for a full-time position in Portugal for June & July (8 weeks).
"Being able to complete an internship in Portugal is a unique and coveted opportunity that we are proud to be able to provide through this new partnership with PFSA," said Angela Costa Simoes, Chair of the Board of Directors of PALCUS. "PALCUS has a long history of providing educational opportunities for Portuguese-American students, and we are committed to continuing that legacy by creating new opportunities that meet the demands of today's world."
PFSA - The Portuguese Fraternal Society of America is proud to partner with PALCUS - The Portuguese Leadership Council of the United States to promote unique work experiences for PFSA college students wishing to connect with their Portuguese heritage." said John A.R. Salvador, CEO of PFSA.
This program will provide both undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to obtain invaluable work and career experience in government, business, and international organizations throughout Portugal.  Internships can be served at embassies, consulate offices, large private companies, professional offices and other government agencies.
The internship is managed by the Study in Portugal Network (SiPN), a FLAD organization. SiPN provides a unique range of opportunities for students looking for an international internship. These opportunities run the gamut from placements with governmental organizations, NGOs, INGOs, or for-profit companies across a wide variety of disciplinary areas. The program provides housing, weekend trips and all the logistics to make the students' stay a productive one. Placements are mostly in Lisbon, but also include Porto and the Azores. Students can also combine a part-time position with one of the other classes running during each of the summer sessions, earning as many 12 semester credits in 2 months. For more information, visit the SiPN Webpage:
Criteria for application:
  • Be a PFSA member
  • Attest to at least 25% Portuguese Ancestry
  • Minimum G.P.A. = 2.5 (Unofficial transcript required at time of application)
  • U.S. passport valid within 6 months of return to the United States
PALCUS is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia. It was founded in 1991 by a group of successful, forward-thinking Portuguese-Americans with the purpose of providing a singular national voice that would advocate for the interests of Portuguese-Americans in the United States. Now in its 26th year and guided by a dedicated all-volunteer board of directors representing Portuguese-American communities throughout the United States, PALCUS has worked consistently to address the community's needs in the strategic areas of government affairs, international affairs, educational opportunities, Portuguese language and culture, community outreach and recognition of our community's success. To learn more about PALCUS, visit
About PFSA
PFSA offers financial services to protect members and their families and provides cultural, social, educational and charitable activities. To learn more about PFSA, visit
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PALCUS National Scholarship Applications

PALCUS is pleased to announce that the 2019 application cycle for the PALCUS National Scholarships is now open.

The program was established by the Rosa Family in 2012 and is maintained by donations by Marc F. Rosa with matching funds from Merrill Lynch and other donors.  This year the Alexandre António DaCosta Simões Memorial Scholarship will be added.

To be eligible, students must be a current college undergraduate (at least freshman) or graduate student in an approved program of study. For more about eligibility and procedures, please visit: 
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I f you agree with the work undertaken by PALCUS to build the social, cultural and political capital of our community, then please join us and become a member today!

Strong membership participation means a stronger voice in the national Portuguese-American agenda. In order to advance Portuguese language education, increase presence in the congressional caucuses, and provide economic opportunities, the collective voice of thousands is needed!  

In addition, PALCUS is a member-driven non-profit organization that depends on membership dues and fundraising events to fund its operations.  Members of the all-volunteer board of directors donate their time and personal funds for travel, lodging and tickets to attend networking events and planning sessions so our administrative costs are relatively low but nonetheless critical to doing business on a daily basis.

There are membership categories to suit every budget and level of interest.  Please click on our membership webpage and join our voice today!

PALCUS announces that we are now using memberplanet, a user-friendly platform that will help us to serve you better.  It is an interactive service that will allow you to update your PALCUS member profile, track donations and dues and join PALCUS circles with members of similar interests all with the click of a mouse.  
When you become a PALCUS member, you will be prompted to join us on memberplanet. As always your information is confidential and will never be shared without your permission. Questions? Contact Graci for more information! 

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Jobs for Portuguese Speakers
Jobs for Portuguese Speakers

If you want to put your Portuguese language skills to use in your next job, there are many opportunities out there! Visit the  Jobs for Portuguese Speakers Facebook page to see some job openings.

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