The Governor’s Call to Action provides opportunities to assist our neighbors during the COVID-19 health crisis. The VBA COVID-19 Committee has identified at least four “needs” that we are well-suited to fill. These are opportunities in addition to volunteer opportunities already available through the VBA Low Bono Projects, the VBA Modest Means Program, and the Vermont Volunteer Lawyers Project. We realize that not all of us are qualified or able, at the moment, to offer assistance. Those who are able are asked to consider offering the types of assistance identified below.

You can express your interest in volunteering by completing this intake form to “route” inquiries to lawyers who have indicated a willingness to be contacted Please check the boxes at the bottom of the form to show which of the specific opportunities you’re willing to volunteer for. We’ll follow up with additional details. Please feel free to check any of the other opportunities for service in the other portions of the form. The four additional opportunities include:

1. Remote Notaries . Lawyers who are willing to serve as remote notaries free of charge. A subset category is lawyers willing to serve as remote notaries free of charge “after hours” at inopportune times of the day or night.

2. Copy/Print Services . Lawyers and firms willing to print, copy, mail and email/or court documents to pro se low-income litigants who can’t access their documents otherwise. E-filing of court documents and pleadings requires access to electronic media access points. Not all Vermonters have ready access to printers/scanners. Most lawyers do. If you (or your law firm) are willing to scan or print documents needed by Vermonters without access to such equipment, please sign up.

3. Legal Assistance – Stimulus Checks . Lawyers who are willing to assist low-income persons complete and file the necessary IRS form so they can receive stimulus checks. Training resources available.

4. Legal Assistance- Essential Workers . The provision of legal services during the “emergency” period at reduced fees or no fees, as you choose, for essential workers. This is expected to help those on the front lines who need services and who may not be eligible for the more traditional income-based reduced fee services. 

If you have questions about this notice or the four opportunities, please email and indicate “Lawyer Volunteers” in the subject line. Thanks very much!