April 2017

On behalf of International Summer School, ISSOS, we are pleased to circulate details of a Youth Leadership training opportunity suitable for a (possibly) newly accredited facilitator. 

ISSOS are seeking a Youth Leadership Trainer to spend the summer in St. Andrews working with 13-18 year olds for 6-8 weeks.  A lesson guide is provided for 3-hour sessions per day. Ideally the facilitator will also bring their own ideas and experience to the programme, inspiring the students, and becoming part of the wider staff team.

You can apply here and hear the founder of ISSOS, Jen Munro, speak at TEDx here.

If any of our Accredited Facilitators or members are thinking of applying we would be happy to support your application and planning - this is a great developmental possibility for all involved.

Bella Mehta & Brian Watts
Association of Facilitators (AoF)
0203 282 7128
Foundations in Facilitation Skills:

22-23 May 2017
18-19 September 2017

19-20 June 2017
16-17 October 2017

17 July 2017
20 November 2017

2 October 2017
(September registration)

Learning/Taster Day

3 July 2017
3 Oct 2017

Venue: Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire

Facilitation Skills Training and Consultancy are also available on an in-house basis.