The world is hurting . The novel coronavirus has etched a deep imprint of pain and loss on the soul of our nation. As we grapple with the uncertain path that lies before us, let us call to mind what is certain and true within our world.
What happens when the social justice ecosystem suddenly becomes even more fragile? The current pandemic has threatened to sow greater seeds of division, creating a wider schism between the haves and the have-nots, and skyrocketing levels of unemployment. It has increased the risks for those without access to healthcare. It has forced employees who lack paid time off to choose between their own illness and the possible spread of that illness to others. It has caused young students who depended on school and meals to now go without both. It has highlighted the inequities in remote learning, underscoring for some that no computer and no connection translates to no school. It has shifted businesses from a tried and true paradigm of revenue generation to possible bankruptcy. 
The current crisis represents a double-edged sword, not only creating an economic depression, but a psychological one as well. Employers are experiencing a loss of control, a changing of routines and schedules, an inability to protect employees in the office and their loved ones at home. The pandemic demands that we remain suspended, in limbo, with no end in sight. Yet through the panic, the pandemic is teaching us about ourselves, revealing who we are at our best and worst moments. It is compelling us to ask, what can we give in times of fear? Perhaps the greatest gift we can give is ourselves. We can view the clawing scarcity as an opportunity for abundance in humanity. We can take this time to support each other, to help our neighbors, and rebuild our sense of community. We can set aside a capitalism-driven compass, and pivot from money to meaning. We can show compassion, and we can help heal. 

Take the opportunity for abundance in humanity. When that knock comes, heed the call. Open your door, your mind, your heart. Be that bridge that connects two entities that need each other. Be that resource for the stranger you meet. Share with and lift up your neighbor. If you can do this, then you can do so much more. The coronavirus is highly contagious, but so is compassion. While you are offering your greatest gift in support of others, remember that we will be supporting you and countless other visionaries.  We will remain with you on those frontlines, because we believe in equity and equality, all in the service of humanity.