A New School Year...A New Profile
North Royalton City Schools appreciate your assistance in updating your profile and settings on ConstantContact.  We want you to continue to receive our building level and District messages that are appropriate to your family.  This is especially important for those families who have children who have started in a new building this year.
At the bottom of this email, you will see an Update Profile link. Please click on that and it will then send you an email with instructions on how to update your profile.  It looks like this:
Once you open your email and click Update your profile, the screen will look like the image below.

Please check/uncheck the buildings you wish to receive correspondence.  We recommend you check your child's BUILDING and also DISTRICT. 

Attention GMAIL users...
We are finding that for families with GMAIL addresses, our emails are going into their PROMOTIONS tab.  Please check to make sure you are not missing our emails.  If this is the case, you can move us into your PRIMARY tab by clicking and dragging one of our emails from the Promotions tab to the PRIMARY tab and it won't happen again.

Have you UNSUBSCRIBED to our emails in the past?
We are also finding that some families are not receiving our emails because they have unsubscribed to us in the past.  If you have unsubscribed to these ConstantContact emails, even if we add your email ourselves, it will not be sent to you without your permission.  You will need to resubscribe.

Have a neighbor, friend or family member not receiving our emails and you think they would like to receive them?
Feel free to share this email with them so they can CLICK HERE to sign up.

Final Suggestion...
Be sure to add the email addresses of our superintendent and principals to your email contact list. That way your email account will accept these addresses and not send to spam or another folder.


 Thank you for your assistance.
Greg Gurka
North Royalton City Schools