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A Ministry of Bethany and Round Hill UMC

Job Title: Western Loudoun Youth Pastor 



Part-time, hourly (20 hrs/wk) professional hired Bethany UMC (10 hrs/wk) and Round Hill UMC (10 hrs/wk) who reports to the Senior Pastor of the Combined Parrish. This person must be a dedicated Christian who is motivated to serve the church.

COVID-19 Pandemic Note: Please be prepared to make shifts and changes to day-to-day activity as we journey together through this pandemic. As things progress, we can reassess this Job Description and reevaluate the compensation package. 

Report To: Senior Pastor of the Combined Parrish 

Amenable To: Joint SPRC (Pastors/SPRC Chairs)

Expectation of Employee:

·      United Methodist Provisional Deacon, Deacon, or Laity

·      Methodist Background

·      If Laity – Basic Lay Servant Class Required within the first year of hired

·      Minimum Age: 21

·      Expected to become familiar with all relevant provisions of the Bethany UMC Personnel Policy, especially the section entitled “Expectations of Staff Members” (a copy of this document is given to the employee when hired).


Expectations of Youth Group:

·      Youth (Ages 6th Grade – 12th Grade) 

·      Combined Youth Groups – (Bethany and Round Hill UMC) 



·      Weekly Gathering (6 hrs/wk)

·      1 or 2 Retreats a Year / Camp Ministries (2.5 hrs/wk)

·      Appalachia Service Project (ASP) (4 hrs/wk) 

·      Once a month in Worship at each Church Location (1/wk)

·      Organizing Confirmation (1 hr/wk) 

·      Family Pastoral Care/Community Outreach (1.5 hrs/week)

·      Promotions (1 hr/wk) 

·      Administration (1 hr/wk) 

·      Continued Education/Personal Time (2 hrs/wk) 

Ministry Ideas Bucket: 

·      Kids that Care

·      Homework Club Ministry (Organizing Youth Mentors) 

Compensation Package: 

Job Title: Western Loudoun Youth Pastor

Summary: This job will require an average of 20 hours per week. Per our Personnel Policy this would include (two weeks per year) of vacation benefits. 

Compensation Type: Hourly

Per Job Title Compensation:           

            Youth Pastor- Divided by Two between Bethany and Round Hill 


TOTAL COMPENSATION AMOUNT:  $15,000.00 - $20,000.00

Beginning Date: This total compensation will be in effect August 1, 2022. 

If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to touch base with us.


Belinda Sforza
Admin Asst.
(540) 338-7648

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