Dear Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention Partner, Friend, Advocate:

State lawmakers are considering legislation to allow for marijuana home grows. WASAVP opposes home grow operations and offers allies our Home Grow Opposition Position Paper for consideration, education and to support prevention advocacy efforts.

WASAVP points to the following potential impact areas in its position:

  1. Youth Access
  2. Lack of Regulation
  3. Energy Grid Impact
  4. Loss of Tax Revenue
  5. Diversion to Black Market
  6. Erosion of Perception of Harm
  7. Health Impacts*

*Regarding health impacts, this study presented by Canada’s National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health lays out several health concerns for home grow operations.

During the legislative session, WASAVP encourages all stakeholders in youth prevention and well-being to review current bills to inform yourselves, your local stakeholders and to identify options for advocacy. (Click here)

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