In the Atlanta regional edition of O the Oprah Magazine, you saw The Black Dolls on page 87. On national newsstands everywhere in the USA, look for The Black Dolls in the July "Music Festival" Edition of Essence Magazine! Soon, in June, we will shoot for Vogue! And, due to a MoDOll's conflict in schedule, there's 1 spot open again! Will YOU fill it? Strike a pose for Vogue!
The Black Dolls are going to be in Vogue! Baby Kennedy can no longer participate, so her spot is up for grabs! Wanna Strike a Pose in Vogue? Text the Doll Phone and let us know. This last spot, as with the other spots sold, is $399.00. Text only if you're ready to register and you have the date June 22, 2019 available to shoot.
Doll Phone: (404) 660-7363.
Bye Felicia! Boy Bye!
Bye Felicia! Boy, bye! Planning the "Yo Barbie Style" fashion show, an industry professional interested in the 'Barbie" part,  #notsomuch  the 'black' part , asked for a lineup of "stars and asked me what the models would "look like". I sat to educate them: "Because The Black Doll Affair is and always will be, for us, by us and therefore ABOUT us, the  #models  will range from size 2 to 22. Their individual  #bhuety  will range from 'blue black to they don't look black.' Those #superstars  are everyday black girls that I affectionately call "The Black Dolls" and they will "look like" themselves." They removed their willingness to participate and we went on to enjoy a VERY successful fashion show.

Understanding they wanted @Barbie's style NOT your Barbie style, I had Mya update the Barbie Style logo by adding the word "Yo" to it .  Mya  asked, "Do you mean "Your?" I said, "Nope. I want it really black. Make sure it's "YO." The rest is YO black history! - Join our self-esteem movement that lifts black girls UP and promotes self-worth, empowerment and the love of Black Dolls - living and toy! Become a Black Doll! There's NO membership fee, just buy YO Black Doll tee!

Speaking of being a Black Doll! My birthday is May 1, 1971. I birthed this bhuetiful movement December 17, 2007. The Black Doll Affair's annual "Founder's Weekend" (historically in Atlanta) is a celebration of those two dates and therefore, life as a Black Doll! It's also an opportunity for me, your "Mama Doll", to spend the weekend playing with hue, my Black Dolls! The 11th Annual Founder's Weekend will be a week long party in Cabo San Lucas April 29-May 6th. For those who can't getaway for a week  #southoftheborder , I'm hosting an online "Tee Party!" Celebrating eleven years of The Black Doll Affair, most tees in store are NOW $11! Get or gift a tee, while this sale is haute! Gwon' NOW Dolls,  #shop  till you drop! Thank you for YO time and service.

Folllow the fun in Cabo via hashtag:  #cabodolling .

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