Streamlined Opt-In Process

The first time you create a Subscription for a Contact, they will receive an invitation to confirm their email address and opt-in to receiving future Subscription email updates. On occasion, these emails can become 'lost in the ether'. If your Contact does not receive the opt-in request and they cannot seem to find it in their junk or spam folders, y ou can use one of the following options:
  • Resend the Opt-In Request: in Contact Management, select the Contact; on the Contact's ID tab, check under the section labeled Action to verify if you have the 'Send opt-in request' link. Clicking this link will re-send the opt-in request. Keep in mind if you have this option, you will only be able to do it once per Contact email.
  • Call the Metro MLS Help Desk to resend the Opt-In Request: if your Contact did not receive the original request and you do not have the 'Send opt-in request' link available on the Contact, call the Help Desk and we can resend it for you. This is a one-time option per Contact email.
  • Manually email listings: if you send a Contact a manual email, clicking the link within that email will automatically confirm their email address and allow them to receive Subscription updates. Best practice is after you have saved a Subscription for a Contact and it returns you to Contact Management to their file, click the View All link located under the Results section to view listings currently within their search and manually email the listings.

Because of this policy change, there is an additional line of disclaimer text added to manual emails: 'Clicking to view the listings in this email confirms you want to receive new listing updates'. Please note, this process will only work through emails sent through FlexMLS; it will not apply to links that are copied and pasted into your computer's email programs (such as Outlook or Gmail).

NOTE: The above takes place only when you create a Subscription for a Contact who has an unconfirmed email address

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Metro MLS members can call the Help Desk at 414-778-5450 or email