We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
- John F. Kennedy
Greetings Fellow Optimists,

Thank you for all that you do in your communities for our children and their families. Thank you as well, for your continued generous support for our Foundation. You are truly appreciated!

Here we are in the final quarter of this 2020-21 Optimist year. It has been a wonderful year so far, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Optimist International Foundation. We should all be proud of the Foundation’s many accomplishments over the past five decades. With the continued support from our fellow Optimists, Clubs, and Districts, our Foundation will continue to strengthen and grow. As a result, further backing for Optimist International and our Clubs will be possible.

Hopefully, many Districts will have the opportunity to meet in person for their District Convention and raise funds for our Foundation. Thank you for your commitment to bringing in the funds to support our Optimist International and Club projects!

The OIF is grateful to have a dedicated group of District Foundation Representatives encouraging our members to support the OIF. Congratulations to the DFRs who achieved Goals and Incentives for the 3rd Quarter!
DFR 3rd Quarter Achievers:
Southern Wisconsin - Wayne Dieckhoff
Illinois - Rich Gaebel
Pacific Southwest - Melissa Cohen
Michigan - Theresa Jarratt
South Carolina - Beverly Knox
Colorado-Wyoming - Ron Benson
Alabama- Mississippi - Nancy Ryan
Arizona - Marsi Salmi
Pacific Northwest - Dick Disney
Dakota-Manitoba-Minnesota - Chuck Spavin
Kansas - Dale Fox
Iowa - Janet Lloyd 
California South - Diana Drummey
North Carolina East - Bill Edgerton
North Florida - Perry Albritton
The following are the requirements for the 4th Quarter DFR Incentives:
Staying the Course, District is ready for the next 50 years!
  • The District has attained a minimum of $10 per member by September 30, 2021
  • The District has met or exceeded the number of Dime a Day or President Club members from the previous year
  • The DFR has shared information with Clubs on appointing a CFR for next Optimist year and the CFR LMS training - District newsletter, incoming officer training, email to incoming officers, etc. (copy to OIF)
Requirements completed by September 31, 2021. 
Incentive: Backpack with 50th logo
The fat lady has not yet sung, this Optimist Year is not yet over! Please help me reach our goal of increasing the number of Optimists who contribute to our Foundation from 8% to 50%. It does not have to be a huge or large donation, $5, $10 or at whatever level they can.
Together, lets finish the first 50 years of “Helping Optimists Help Kids” STRONG, and keep the momentum going into the next 50 years!
Optimist Foundation at the Optimist International Convention
The Optimist International Convention in Atlanta was a great success. The Foundation would like to congratulate the Convention Committee led by Judy Boyd and the Host Area Committee led by Gwen Gable for an outstanding job. Of course, hats off to Ronda Vaughn for her energy and awesome job.
OIF was proud to be a huge part of the Atlanta Convention;
  • Celebrating our 50th anniversary this year was wonderful. We shared the 50th Anniversary Timeline Booklet with all the attendees. Plus, had a historic display of OIF “Through the Decades” that highlighted our key accomplishments. 
  • OIF was honored to be a key partner in the Atlanta Convention. The Foundation was able to assist OI with several wonderful portions of the convention;
  • Sponsorship of the opening Youth Choir of Atlanta.
  • Assisting the JOI Convention with assistance on their service project.
  • Sponsoring the Closing Ceremony Keynote Speaker, Blake Leeper. His messages of determination and overcoming truly life changing obstacles was truly inspiring. 
Please enjoy a few pictures from the convention by clicking below.
Convention Pin
Even though the Atlanta Convention is behind us, you can still have a moment from the Convention. The OIF Convention Pin.  A $20 donation to the Foundation is all it takes.

Optimist International Foundation 50th Anniversary Booklet is now available online!
Thank You OIF 50th Anniversary Committee!

The OIF 50th Anniversary Committee began planning for this 2020-21 Optimist year in 2019 at our Optimist Convention in Louisville. During the course of that meeting and many that followed, they brainstormed, selected and implemented fundraisers and events to commemorate this, our 50th year, of “Helping Optimist Help Kids!” The on-line auction, the special 50th edition of the Dime A Day pin, the display and booklet “Through The Decades” are examples of some of the great work that came from this group.

It has been a sensational year so far, celebrating our 50th! This committee has been incredibly dedicated and conscientious to make the special 50th initiatives and fundraisers extraordinary. The Foundation Staff and Board would like to express our deepest gratitude to the 50th Anniversary Committee members:
Sandy Cyphers
Ed Finn
Bob Floyd
Karen Monville
Janet Smith
Sandy Williams
Jan reaching Diamond Benefactor
Congratulations to President Jan Oord Graves
Our 2020/2021 President, Jan Oord Graves, reached a significant milestone recently. She has attained the Diamond Level Benefactor Award. Congratulations to President Jan for that awesome accomplishments. Truly, Jan has been a great supporter and Champion of the OIF Cause for many years.
Oratorical World Championships 2021 Winners
At the World Championship, the third-place contestant Corinne Quynh Lan Marie Hoang was awarded an additional $5,000 scholarship and the second-place contestant Julia Abbott was awarded an additional $10,000 scholarship. The Optimist International Oratorical World Champion winner was Nayana Celine Xavier, who received an additional $15,000 scholarship for a grand total of $22,500. 

On behalf of Optimist International, the Optimist International Foundation, and the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation, the Oratorical Committee were pleased to honor all scholarships for the Regionals and World Championship by fully funding thousands of students at all levels of Oratorical winners, totaling over $200,000 in scholarship dollars awarded for the year of 2021.

Blake Leeper - Optimist International 2021 Convention Speaker, Sponsored by the Optimist International Foundation.
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