“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." Ryunosuke Satoro
Greetings Fellow Optimists,

The past few months have been filled with Optimism. Everyone is embracing President Mark’s theme of Choosing Optimism. The OI International Day of Happiness Music Contest was amazing! Congratulations to all involved! After a year in isolation, it has been incredibly uplifting to see so many wonderful and positive things happen.

Our OIF on-line Auction was a huge success brining in over $24,500 in net profit! Thank you to all of the Optimist members and Districts who donated items. Also, thank you to everyone who bid on items and shared the auction information on social media. A huge shout out to our Auction Committee Sandy Williams Sandy Cyphers and Craig Boring, who worked diligently to make this event the success it was! On another happy note, we are all thrilled that our OI Convention will be held in Atlanta. We will have a historical OIF display at the entry to the general assembly room and will have our Hanson anniversary items for sale.

The Foundation Staff and Board are so appreciative of the generosity of our fellow Optimists. We are on track with our fundraising. This has enabled us to continue funding all of the programs we have historically funded. We have even added a few. We increased the amount of the Club Matching Grants up to $1000. We developed a JOI Past International President Scholarship Fund so that we can consistently provide a scholarship for the Immediate Past International JOI President. We also made our first contribution to the OI Jr. Golf program, supporting the educational programs that occur for these talented young golfers.

We have a dedicated group of District Foundation Representatives encouraging our members to support our Foundation. Each of you is appreciated for your dedication. Thank you for your commitment to bringing in the funds to support our Optimist International and Club projects!
Congratulations to the DFRs who achieved Goals and Incentives
1st Quarter
New York New England D- Debra Davis
Atlantic Central - Guy Templin
Indiana North - Ailesia Franklin
Southern Wisconsin - Wayne Dieckhoff
Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan, & Northern Wyoming -James Rehm
Pacific Southwest - Melissa Cohen
Capital - Virginia - Skip Foy
Michigan - Theresa Jarratt
Ohio - Bill Stone
East Missouri - Kristin Ham
Arizona - Marsi Salmi
Maryland – South Delaware - Teri Branch
Kansas - Dale Fox
North Texas - Kenneth Garner
Iowa - Janet Lloyd
2nd Quarter
New York New England – Debra Davis
Indiana South – Bob Thompson
Wisconsin North – Upper Michigan – Romey Wagner
Ohio – Bill Stone
Alabama - Mississippi– Nancy Ryan
Pacific Northwest – Dick Disney
Maryland – South Delaware – Teri Branch
Kansas – Dale Fox
North Carolina East– Bill Edgerton
North Carolina West – Bill Teague
The following are the requirements for the 3rd Quarter DFR Incentives:
Trendsetting, District is on the Right Track for the Next 50 Years!

  • 50% of the District’s CFRs have made a minimal personal contribution of $25 or more to the OIF
  • Minimally One Club Grant (Matching or Health and Wellness) has been received by OIF on or before June 30, 2021
  • The DFR has sent a communication to the CFRs through a newsletter, email or letter by June 30, 2021 (OIF must be copied on this correspondence to validate) The correspondence should include: information that their Club will need to make a to make a minimal $100 contribution to achieve Honor or Distinguished Club status, the Club $365/$500 patch information shared and encouraged and Pass Through and Club Campaign information shared.

Requirements completed by June 30, 2021
Incentive:  Metal Insulated water bottle with 50th logo
OI President Mark’s theme for 3rd Quarter is RALLY! We can rally to energize ourselves and fellow Optimists to focus on Optimism. We can rally to spread the word about our wonderful organization. We can rally to spread the word about our Foundation. We can rally to encourage or fellow Optimists to support our Foundation at whatever level they can.
Here’s to the next 50 years of “Helping Optimists Help Kids!"
2021 Club Grant Winners
  • 20 winners
  • First year of Clubs being able to request $250-1,000
  • Multiple winners from International Clubs for the first time
  • Total awarded $15,370
The Optimist International Foundation would like to thank everyone who helped us raise $26,688 in bids and donations. Every dollar raised helps us support Optimist International programs and scholarships, plus provide grants to Clubs throughout the year.
Jeff Hanson's Painting "Only in Holland" Finds New Home
Few can say they own one of the late Jeff Hanson original paintings, but now the Mona family can say they own not one but two with their winning buy-it-now "bid" on the painting "Only in Holland" of $10,000. The painting was made available for auction thanks to the contributions of President Jan Oord Graves and Ron Graves, who donated the painting to the OIF 50th Anniversary online auction. Jan and Ron worked with the Hanson family to select the perfect piece of art by Jeff to be in our 50th Anniversary Auction. Thank you Rebecca and Mike
“Jeff and his family are very special to us, and this seemed the perfect way to honor Jeff’s legacy of giving, while supporting our Optimist International Foundation. I was privileged to introduce the Hansons and their inspiring story to Optimists at our Centennial Convention in Louisville, and I'm grateful that led to this wonderful partnership with shared goals to make the world a better place.” Rebecca Butler Mona - Past Optimist International President 2018-19
Optimist International Winter 2021 Magazine
Be sure to check out the Optimist Winter 2021 Magazine featuring a special edition cover for our 50th anniversary celebration as well as a wonderful article covering our amazing foundation.

Optimist International Foundation celebrating at the 103rd Optimist International Convention
  • Donor Appreciation Reception for William H. Harrison Society Members and President Club Members
  • Gathering Past OIF Presidents
  • Special 50th Anniversary Display
  • Special presentation at the 2nd Business Session by OIF President Jan Oord Convention
  • Sponsors a dynamic keynote speaker ….
  • OIF Informational Booth
  • 50th Anniversary Commemorative items for sale
Join OIF at the Atlanta Gathering.
Optimist International Foundation proud to sponsor 103rd Optimist International Convention Keynote Speaker Blake Leeper
Take the Leep with world breaking champ and motivational speaker - hear his story and how he is turning disability into ability.

Blake Leeper - Take the Leep with world breaking champ and motivational speaker - hear his story and how he is turning disability into ability.
“There’s a little kid out there that has a disability, physical or mental, I hope they can see my story and say, ‘You know what, Blake’s a fighter.’ That’s why I go out there and do what I do.”

Register today for the 103rd Optimist International Convention
Donate to the Foundation to Support the Oratorical
Optimist International Foundation Sponsors and Awards $2000 to Optimist International's New Musical Happiness Competition.
The foundation would like to thank all of those who entered and congratulate the 2021 Musical Happiness competition vocal and musical winners.

The next deadline for Health and Wellness grants is Aug 30, 2021
What are the Health and Wellness areas that will be considered for a grant?
Any project that falls under one of the approved areas as established by OI:
  • Healthy Lifestyles (e.g., Physical fitness, nutrition)
  • Chronic Diseases (e.g., Childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, MS, Ronald McDonald House)
  • Mental Health (e.g., Depression, abuse)
  • Disabilities – Physical, Intellectual & Developmental (e.g., Autism, Special Olympics) 
Thank you to everyone who voted!
We are sad to announce T G Thomas is stepping away from the Optimist International Foundation Board of Directors. T G is a great friend to the OIF Mission and we thank him for his service to the Board.
The OIF Board has met and unanimously approved the addition of Debra Merritt from the AL-MS District to fulfill the remainder of the term for that Board position. She will serve on the OIF Board beginning May 6, 2021 through September 30,2023. We congratulate Debbie on her joining the OIF Board and look forward to her involvement and leadership.
MI               Theresa Jarratt     $20,567
AL – MS      Nancy Boyd          $14,400
OH              Bill Stone              $13,452
AZ               Marsi Salmi          $12,359
COWY         Ron Benson          $11,003
NCE            Bill Edgerton        $10,653
IA                Janet Lloyd           $9,193
GATEway    Kathy Forster        $9,167
NYNE         Debra Davis          $8,943
INDS           Bob Thompson     $8,914

As of March 31st, 2021
AZ               Marsi Salmi           $24.87
AL-MS         Nancy Boyd          $14.13
NYNE          Debra Davis          $13.89
NCE            Bill Edgerton        $13.49
COWY         Ron Benson          $9.36
NMWTX       Lynne Martin        $9.04
INDS           Bob Thompson     $8.84
CAPVA        Skip Foy                $8.75
MDSD          Teri Branch           $8.25
KS               Dale Fox                $7.90

As of March 31st, 2021
The webinar was a presentation by OIF president Jan Oord Graves on what the Foundation does and the types of grants and scholarships it provides. She also talked about how the Foundation raises money and how it is working right now to better integrate our international Clubs into the mix so they too can contribute to the cause.
Optimist International Foundation | OIFoundation.org