The Optimist International Global Spotlight was created to improve communication between Optimist International and the Optimist Clubs outside of the United States and Canada.  The newsletter is sent monthly. If you have suggestions for improvements, Club projects, articles for inclusion and/or other information about your Club, contact [email protected]
Goodbye, Summer! Hello new Clubs!

The Global Spotlight summer hiatus has run its course meaning there is important information in this edition for all Clubs overseas not only for the few remaining weeks of this fiscal year but also the year beginning October 1.

New Club development efforts continue in several countries. Activity began this summer to establish an Optimist Club on St. Vincent in the eastern Caribbean. It would actually be part of a three-Club cluster development in the area with other Clubs targeted for St. Vincent and Grenada. 

Cluster developments are part of the growth strategy for 2019-2020 President Adrian Elcock of Barbados. The strategy involves concentrating on a specific region or metropolitan area for growth, and employing simultaneous development efforts in that location.

Development activity continues on the African continent as well with a project in Rwanda. Optimist International has also re-established contact with an individual who wishes to pursue development an Optimist presence in Pakistan. The organization also continues to work with contacts to establish a presence in India and there is now activity in Poland.

Administrative Corner

There is still time for Clubs to catch up with their respective financial obligation to Optimist International that is changing its policy for these Clubs in the new year.

The Club officers will receive the regular invoice in October but will also receive a second notice near the end of January. It is imperative the officers give prompt attention to these notices and make sure that plans are in place to pay the obligation promptly.   

Optimist International spent countless hours this year trying to track down payments, and this new system will reduce that workload. If your Club still owes Optimist International for dues and or fees for the current administrative year, please contact Jim Boyd to make arrangements at  [email protected].

Illustration depicting a highway gantry sign with a new skills and training concept. Blue sky...
Training Opportunities

The new Optimist year will bring with it opportunities for training tailored specifically for our Clubs overseas. Members will be able to download a webinar, produced quarterly, for review at their convenience. 

This is another effort by Optimist International to bring an educational component to our members while providing more value for your membership. Club officers are encouraged to share this information with their members.

Conference Calls Resume  
The end of the summer season brings with it the resumption of the monthly conference call with leaders of our Clubs overseas. 

The call for Asian Optimist Leaders is set for Monday, September 16, at 8 p.m. in Nepal, 9:15 p.m. in Thailand and 10:15 p.m. in Beijing. This is an opportunity for officers and members to talk about their successes and challenges as they move forward in their Optimist journey.   

A similar call has been scheduled for African Optimist leaders on September 23, at 1 p.m. central time in the central US. This converts to 6 p.m. in Ghana and Nigeria; 8 p.m. in South Africa; and 9 p.m. in Uganda and Kenya. 

Please consider joining the call by visiting

Global Spotlight

Our Optimist friends in Kenya are wasting no time giving back to their community. The Optimist Club of Kisumu organized last April and has already begun an important educational and nutritional program for a small group of young people.   Two members of the Club donate their time on Saturdays to teach the children about proper values in life.   The Club gets much of its food to use as part of a feeding program for the students from a small farm created by the members.   The Club also worked with a local business which provided uniforms for the children to attend their lessons. 

"We also plan to award scholarships in the future to the children," said member Barack Odhier. "Our Club will be seeking out local companies to support our activities and try to source for funds both locally and internationally."