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Notes from Nick is a weekly message from 2017-18 International President Nick Prillaman. Every Wednesday, a new Notes From Nick will be uploaded to our YouTube channel , social media accounts, and website

In this week's video, President Nick describes six of twelve characteristics all great leaders possess.
President Nick's 2nd Quarter Incentive

The growth of our Clubs is the main priority for the health and success of Optimist International. The 2nd Quarter Incentive is targeted at our local Clubs to encourage them to add new adult Optimist Members. Additionally, new Junior Optimist Clubs are a key to future successes and an area of opportunity. Roll-up banners are a sought after item for Clubs and Optimist road signs are a valuable tool for local branding and marketing of our Clubs in their local communities.

Recruit seven new Members into any adult Optimist Club OR charter a new Junior Optimist Club in the 2nd Quarter and receive your choice of:
  • Roll-up Optimist Creed banner
  • Roll-up Optimist Purposes banner
  • Optimist road sign

For questions, contact .
Club & District Trainer Classes

Both Club Trainer and District Trainer classes will be offered at the Optimist International Headquarters on Saturday, February 24. This will be an all-day training session beginning at 8:30 AM (CT). These classes are an important part of the Certified Trainer program and there is no charge to take the class. Members must sign-up by emailing by Friday, February 16. 
Convention Workshops & Training

A wide variety of workshops and training will be available at the Ottawa Convention. Not only will there be training for Club Presidents and Lt. Governors, but there will also be workshops with such as “Video Conferencing Opportunities” and “Fostering New Leadership and Succession” to name just a couple. Information about workshops will be added here in the upcoming weeks. If you have questions about workshops, contact
2018 Ottawa Convention

Online registration f or the 100th Annual Optimist International Convention in Ottawa is now open! Share Optimism with fellow Optimists from around the world July 7-10, 2018. The events will take place at the Shaw Centre (Ottawa Convention Center) and the main hotel is the Westin Ottawa. For all convention information, including housing travel and online registration, click here .
Scholarship Deadlines

The deadline for Clubs to submit their winning essay to the District Chair is February 28. The deadline for Districts to submit their winner’s information to Optimist International is April 15.

The District deadline to submit winners to Optimist International is May 15. Optimist International does not set Club/Zone/Regional deadlines.

Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH)
The deadline for Clubs to submit their winner to the next level of competition is set by the District. District deadline to submit a winner to Optimist International is June 15.

For more information about our scholarship contests, click here .
Video Submissions Begin Feb. 16

Optimist International presents the 2018 Reel Optimism Video Contest. Your Club could win a $1500 Club Grant by creating a short video based on the topic: "Living the Creed."

Click here for more information and follow the conversation with #ReelOptimism.
Junior Optimist International

The 2018 Winter edition of The Torch  is now available here The Torch is the official newsletter of Junior Optimist International.

For more information about Junior Optimist International or if you have questions about starting a Junior Optimist Club, contact .
Upcoming Webinars

Catch a Rising Star
Wednesday, February 21 at 7PM (CT)
The Catch a Rising Star webinar is designed to help foster and develop skills, as well as present opportunities to the up and coming Optimist Leaders in our organization. Without new people willing to take on new responsibilities, we will be unable to grow and move forward as a successful organization. Developing leaders begins at home in our Clubs. This webinar will start there and move on through all the opportunities available to Optimists at each tier of our organization. There is also opportunity to identify and expand upon individual styles and abilities for all levels of leaders. To register, click here .

NCB 101 (New Club Building)
Wednesday, February 28 at 7PM (CT)
New Club development is a critical component to the longevity, success and service provided by Optimist Clubs throughout North America, the Caribbean and in other parts of the world. However, fewer and fewer Members know the process of developing a New Club. This webinar is an opportunity for people in your District to learn the basics, while veteran new club builders can pick up a few pointers as well. Reserve your spot now for the new club building webinar! To register, click here .

For questions, contact the Leadership Development Department at .  
Reminder: All US Clubs Tax Form 990 due by February 15

Clubs whose annual gross receipts are normally $50,000 or less are required to electronically submit Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard, unless they choose to file a complete Form 990 or Form 990-EZ instead.

How to File:
To electronically submit Form 990-N, Electronic Notice (e-Postcard) for Tax-Exempt Organizations Not Required to File Form 990 or Form 990EZ, use the Form 990-N Electronic Filing System (e-Postcard) .

Information Needed to File e-Postcard - completing the e-Postcard requires the eight items listed below:
  • Employer identification number (EIN), also known as a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  • Tax year
  • Legal name and mailing address
  • Any other names the organization uses
  • Name and address of a principal officer
  • Web site address if the organization has one
  • Confirmation that the organization’s annual gross receipts are $50,000 or less
  • If applicable, a statement that the organization has terminated or is terminating (going out of business)

For questions, contact the Finance Department at .  
Upcoming Optimist Junior Tour Events

These 36-hole junior golf tournaments are for ages 11-18. These are qualifiers for the 2018 Optimist International Junior Golf Championship held at PGA National Resort and Spa. Registration for these events includes two tournament rounds, range balls prior to play, golfer's lunch on both tournament round days and an Optimist Golf gift package. Registrations are based on space availability – first come-first serve.

For more information on the Optimist Junior Tour Events, click here
Global Spotlight
The Optimist International Global Spotlight was created to provide another means of communication between Optimist International and the Optimist Club Presidents outside of the United States and Canada. The newsletter is sent monthly. 

To view the January Global Spotlight, click   here .
Official Optimist International Suppliers

United States and the Caribbean:
Ansell's Awards and Specialties
Make Valuable Changes Organization-wide

Please take time to evaluate the Optimist International bylaws to ensure they continue to effectively serve the organization. This process allows you and your Club to help shape and improve all of Optimist International. To recommend a revision, your Club must submit a proposed amendment citing the article(s) and section(s) and exact proposed wording change to the articles and sections cited, along with a written rationale in 200 words or less for the change. The Club must submit the proposal on Club letterhead signed by the Club President. The proposal may be emailed and/or faxed to the International Office, but the original Club letter must be received by the International Office in order for the proposal to be considered. All submitted changes will be brought before the International Convention delegates for vote and possible endorsement.

All proposed change submissions to the bylaws must be received at the International Office by 5:00 p.m. (CT) Monday, April 9. Please mail them to: Dana Thomas, Executive Assistant, Optimist International, 4494 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.
Make Your Club Heard

The Convention resolutions process can be used for any aspect of the organization not covered in the bylaws. Clubs must submit resolutions by 5:00 p.m. (CT) Tuesday, May 15 to the Resolutions Committee. The committee will choose the strongest resolutions and report them to Convention delegates for debate and vote. Resolutions endorsed by Convention delegates are non-binding and are sent to the International Board of Directors for further consideration and study. Please type resolutions on Club stationery and include your Club name, Club number and Club President's signature. All resolutions should be written in standard resolution format: "Whereas... , Whereas... , Whereas... , Be it resolved that the Board of Directors of Optimist International is asked to consider...." Resolutions should be mailed to: Resolutions Committee, Optimist International, 4494 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.
Call for Nominations for International Officers

The deadline for self-nominations for the positions of International President, International Board Member and International Vice President is Sunday, April 1.

The following requirements must be met:

International Vice President nominees:
  • Must be nominated by two Clubs within the Region in which the individual resides
  • Send to the Candidate Qualifications Committee at or mail to the International Headquarters. Mail must be post marked no later than April 1.

International Board Member nominees:
  • File an intent to run to the Candidate Qualifications Committee at or mail to the International Headquarters. Mail must be post marked no later than April 1.

International President nominees:
  • Must be nominated by two Clubs from two different Regions. 
  • Send to the Candidate Qualifications Committee at or mail to the International Headquarters. Mail must be post marked no later than April 1.

Clubs must submit a letter on Club letterhead signed by the Club President. Please contact the International Office or send a letter to: International Officer Nomination, Optimist International, 4494 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108
Centennial Book

A special Centennial Book in honor of our 100 years of Optimism is in the works and we would sincerely appreciate your help in gathering information!

Do you have an interesting  Optimist  story? Share your story with !
Contact the International Board of Directors 

If you have comments, concerns or suggestions for the International Board of Directors, please send to
Optimist International Foundation

Optimist International Foundation is accepting applications for the 2018 Club Grant Program. Any Adult Club served by Optimist International Foundation is eligible to apply for a $500 grant to be used for a NEW project of the Club. Applications must be received in the St. Louis office by March 10. Applications and more information are available   here . 
Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation

Did you know that you might receive up to $3,000 in seed money for a childhood health related project when applying to the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation Spread Relief program? Did you know one of your Club’s projects could receive a $500 grant with the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation Club Grant program? Did you know the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation could provide tax receipts to your donors, thanks to the outsourcing program? The Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation is there to help you help more Canadian children. Visit for more information.