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Every month during your year of leadership, a copy of the Leadership Hotline electronic newsletter will be sent to your email. The newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with information and news that you can use during your year in office. This newsletter is sent to all Optimist leaders, from the Club to the International level. While the information will be targeted to leaders, we encourage you to share the news with other Members in your Club.

Notes from Nick is a weekly message from 2017-18 International President Nick Prillaman. In his first message of the Optimist year, President Nick explains his year's theme, "Optimist Strong - Be the Difference!"
Junior Optimist International

The 2017 Fall edition of  The Torch  is now available  here The Torch  is the official newsletter of Junior Optimist International. 

For more information about Junior Optimist International or if you have questions about starting a Junior Optimist Club, contact  youthclubs@optimist.org .
Scholarship Contest Rule Change

Effective October 1, 2018, all Clubs and Districts will be required to hold non-gender Oratorical Contests. 

For full listing of 2018-19 scholarship contest revisions, click here . There are no rule changes for the 2017-18 Oratorical Contest. 

For questions, contact programs@optimist.org
Optimist Strong Conferences

The purpose of an Optimist Strong Conference is to create an enthusiastic and energetic training environment. The conferences will be at a number of Districts that have chosen to hold one of these training events during their First Quarter Conference. Topics to be presented during the conference are “Recognition, Motivation and Inspiration,” and “Thinking Outside the Box” to name a few.

Click here for the full listing of Optimist Strong Conferences. If you have questions about the Optimist Strong Conferences, contact your District Lt. Governor or general questions can be sent to leadership@optimist.org
Save the Date: 2018 Convention

Join your Optimist friends in Ottawa, Ontario next summer for the 100th Annual Optimist International Convention, Saturday-Tuesday, July 7-10, 2018! This is just the beginning of our yearlong Centennial Celebration and you will want to be there.

For questions or more information about the annual convention, contact convention@optimist.org .
Recruit a Teacher - Renewed!

The " Recruit a Teacher for $30 " incentive has been renewed for the entire 2017-18 year! Optimist International is waiving the $15.00 membership fee and offering a year's dues for only $30 for teachers.

Contact membership@optimist.org for more information.
Help Make Education Affordable

Are you looking for a simple way to give the gift of higher education and help youth reach their full potential?

Donate to the oratorical program here . Share the link on your social media accounts to encourage non-Optimists to donate.
Upcoming Webinar

“Club within a Club”
Wednesday, November 29 at 7PM (CDT)

Building a “Club within a Club” is a way to strengthen our existing Clubs. It offers Optimists an opportunity to incorporate new membership with individuals and groups who want to help in the community, but may not necessarily want to be the administrative arm behind the efforts. The possibilities are endless in the venture of New Club Building once you recognize the opportunities that are inside the concept of a “Club within a Club!” To register for the webinar, click here!

** The NOW/Member Recruitment Events webinar originally scheduled for Tuesday, October 17 has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.

For questions, contact the Leadership Development Department at leadership@optimist.org .  
Overseas Partnerships

Optimist International is in need of Clubs in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean nations that are willing to be mentors for new Optimist Clubs forming overseas. A Club in this capacity will come alongside our overseas Optimists in Africa and Asia, as well Central and South America, to help guide them on their Optimist journey. "Mentoring" Clubs will be expected to maintain monthly contact with the overseas Club, provide ideas for new projects and fundraising opportunities, guidance through recognition programs, and offer financial advice and assistance. If your Club would be willing to be listed as a potential mentoring Club, contact the New Club Building Department at newclub@optimist.org .
Global Spotlight
The Optimist International Global Spotlight was created to provide another means of communication between Optimist International and the Optimist Club Presidents outside of the United States and Canada. The newsletter is sent monthly. 

To view the September Global Spotlight, click  here .
Official Optimist International Suppliers

United States and the Caribbean:

Ansell's Awards and Specialties
Thank You for Supporting Junior Golf  
Optimist Junior Golf would like to express their gratitude to the Optimist Members, Clubs and Districts for supporting the Optimist Junior Golf Program.  For this year’s Championship, District Qualifiers funded $123,371 to help pay for golfers to attend The Championship. The Championship included the following: 695 golfers, 1082 family members, 25 countries represented, 57 qualifiers, 5 Junior Tour events, and 30 college coaches.
Qualifiers: Great Recruiting Tools
Invite the parents of the golfers that play in qualifiers to attend a future Optimist Club meeting in their hometown. Most parents are very grateful to the Optimists for sponsoring their child to attend the Optimist International Junior Golf Championship! New member recruitment is an easy way to strengthen your District and expand the Optimist Golf Program.
Update Member Information

To ensure each Optimist Member is receiving important information from Optimist International, encourage each Member to update their contact information with a leader in your Club. This includes addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. Each leader (Club President, Secretary, or Treasurer) has a log-in for Optimist Leaders to update the Members’ information.
Contact the International Board of Directors 

If you have comments, concerns or suggestions for the International Board of Directors, please send to board@optimist.org
Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation

Are you looking forward to meeting your new Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation team for 2017-18? Visit our website to discover your District Foundation Representative, learn more about the Spread Relief program and the new Campaign, and start out this new Optimist year on the right foot! 
Optimist International Foundation

The Childhood Cancer Campaign has been a significant endeavor for the Optimist International family for many years. Many children and organizations have benefited from the caring support of Optimist to fund research at Johns Hopkins plus much needed local projects.

Optimist International Foundation is proud to announce the re-launch of the Childhood Cancer Campaign Matching Grant Program. Clubs will be able to get a matching grant up to $1,000 to fund a local childhood cancer project. These projects can be traditional childhood cancer efforts Clubs have supported over the years. New to the effort, the scope of the matching grant program has been broaden to include health and wellness projects that relate to childhood cancer. 

Information and details are available at  www.oifoundation.org.