Clifford Riley Appointed Technical Services Engineer
Cliff Riley is our most recent addition to the Asterion Technical Services Team. Based in Indianapolis and supported by the company’s onsite analytical laboratory,Cliff will be responsible for customer installations, technical applications support, and training on the proper use of Asterion ®  surface finishing technologies.
Prior to joining Asterion, Cliff was a process engineer at Arlington Plating Company (Palatine, IL). During his tenure, he was responsible for the high yield production of the company’s decorative chrome and electroless nickel plating lines, while ensuring best-in-class quality parts for use by leading automotive, motorcycle and consumer products OEM customers. Cliff’s work also included product inspection, chemical analysis, and production process evaluation.
Blair Vandivier, President and CEO of Asterion said, “Cliff’s enthusiasm and dedication to our industry, coupled with his hands-on knowledge of plating chemistry will ensure that our customers realize the full value of partnering with Asterion.”
How to Keep an Alkaline Plating Bath from Slowing Down

by Roger Sowinski
Vice President, Technology

As published in Products Finishing Magazine, April 2018 issue. 

When it comes to plating, time is money, and nothing is more frustrating than your plating bath slowing to a crawl. The good news is that you can return the plating speed to its original levels; the less-than-good news is that it can be quite the chore.

Among the causes of slower plating speeds or loss of efficiency in alkaline plating is the build up of carbonates in the bath. Alkaline plating baths (both cyanide and non-cyanide) will form carbonates over time, and carbonates cause the bath to become less efficient, which manifests itself as a slower plating speed. These carbonates are formed when the alkaline solution is exposed to the carbon dioxide in the air, and this is the primary reason why employing air agitation in an alkaline plating bath is rarely, if ever, recommended. Read More.

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