"Have you noticed over these last 3 months that our brains seemed a bit disconnected to the realities of what we seem to be going through? I know that I have found myself becoming very distracted lately and unable to concentrate on things of importance in my life. This article may better explain why we feel the way we feel during these trying times." Ed Gruvman Optimum RTS Recruiter

Optimum RTS on the importance of self-care

"When you are able to take care of yourself, that healthy connection produces positive feelings and increases your self-confidence and self-esteem. Make sure that your daily routine includes things that YOU love to do. It could be eating well, getting enough rest, learning how to say “no” and/or exercising on a daily basis.

Your needs are particularly important! Let bygones be bygones, turn the page, love yourself for who you are but, most importantly, try to reduce stress as it could turn into “burnout” and burnout turns into physical and emotional exhaustion and a feeling of hopelessness. Because stress is part of our daily lives, try reducing it by meditation, yoga and/or other exercise routine. Do not ever stop working on you and on what you love. Make time for yourself, always!

Optimum RTS cares about you! Because the Covid-19 pandemic is now affecting almost every aspect of our lives, we want you to know that we are here for you. Should there be anything that you need, please share such with us. We would love to assist! Please stay well, stay positive and, above anything else, stay SAFE" Ed Gruvman Optimum RTS Recruiter
Optimum RTS takes the guess work out of the way for our clients.

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A few candidates we interviewed this week!
Please let us know if you want to meet these candidates!

Rebeca is a Receptionist with Medical Experience.

Pilar is an Assistant Manager with high customer service skills.

Jasmin is an Administrative Assistant with cardiac experience.

Tracy is a Medical Secretary with CNA experience.

Chasity RN, APRN is looking for a position in Home Health as an Administrator, Clinical Director or Director of Operations. 

Veronica is currently a Patient Care Coordinator looking for a position in the medical field as an Administrative Assistant. 

We look forward to hearing from you!
Optimum RTS