Optimus is off to a wonderful start in a new year!
Kendra Herber - Pushing Comfort Zones to Gain Growth

A little over a year ago Optimus patient Kendra Herber published her first book, "Whole: A Leg Up on Life". She isn't stopping there. Now she is pursuing modeling and working on training for her first triathalon in July.

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3D Printing - The Ultimate Customization
How our clinicians are using 3D printing to bring the ultimate level of customization to a patient's socket and meet each patient's unique set of needs.
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of designing and putting together each amputee's custom socket? The process is highly individualized. Afterall, there is no "standard" human limb. Here is a great example of the amount of ingenuity, creativity, knowledge, and problem sovling that is required of our clinicians and the high level of personalization that goes into each socket.

The Problem: A cover was needed for this socket. However, the combination of the Össur Proflex Pivot foot being a dynamic shape with 27 degrees of ankle motion makes it a difficult cover to shape. In addition, a vacuum pump is being utilized for this patient. Therefore, the cover needs to be able to accomodate the large range of ankle motion of the Proflex Pivot foot with enough gap in the front and back for ankle movement as well as be removeable for matienences and cleaning of the vacuum pump system.

The Solution: Not one to shy away from a difficult task, our clincian Derick Schmidt and Rachel Schmidt created and designed this patient's custom 3D printed cover. It was scanned using the Comb O&P scann app on an iPhone, Meshmixer was used for design process, and it was printed with TPU (a highly durable and elastic material). The result was a custom cover for this socket that is not only still asthetically pleasing, but is able to meet the complex layers of need surrounding this patient's prosthesis.

Staff Highlight
Tim Arnold recently completed his certification as a licensed CPO/LPO. In light of his accomplishment, he shared a little about himself and what caused him to purse becoming a certified prosthetist.
Tim is an ABC Certified and Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist with a Masters of Science Orthotics and Prosthetics from Eastern Michigan University. He has been married for 8 years and is a father of three (3yr, 2 yr, 7 month old). He enjoys spending time with my family and being outdoors (hunting, fishing, swimming, bicycling, playing sports, playing guitar, and trying to master the BBQ). At only seven years old, he was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma (bone cancer) and underwent chemotherapy and transfemoral (above knee) amputation to remove the cancer. Here what he has to say about why he entered the prosthetic field:

“After 22 years of being an amputee my prosthetist asked if I had ever considered entering the field. I had not until this point, but this conversation led me to research the field and reflect on my own personal experience. I ultimately decided to enter the field because I wanted to help others, I liked working with my hands to make things, and I wanted to be an agent for change and improvement as I was not always happy with the care I received as an amputee.”

Thank you Tim for commitment to the field, your patients, and Optimus. We appreciate your dedication, hard work, and compassion for others! Keep this encouragement from Tim in mind as you face your week, “Work hard and don’t give up. Improvement and progress only come from hard work and determination.”

Limb Loss Awareness Month
April is limb loss awareness month. See this graphic from Amputee Coalation to understand why raising awareness for limb loss is so important.
You can also view the graphic here: https://bit.ly/2QDsCmD
Looking Ahead - Optimus 2021 Running Clinic
We are so thrilled to be partening again with the Air Force Marathon to host our second amputee running clinic.
We are proud to be partnering again with the Air Force Marathon to host our second amputee running clinic. While September 17th may seem like a long way off, inevitablely, the summer will fly by like it always does. Make sure to mark your calendars for September 17th and stay tuned for more upcoming details about how to participate and register. Paralympic athlete Grace Norman will be present again to help with coaching the day of the running clinic as well as Optimus therapist Andrea Kinsinger.