Volume Q2 2019
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Optimus Gains New Technology

Optimus Prosthetics is currently the only prosthetics provider in the state of Ohio to offer the Symphonie Aqua System for both below knee and above knee amputees.

"This past year we were excited to invest in new casting technology, the Symphonie Aqua System. The system improves the socket fit of patients which in turn increases comfort, control and efficiency of a prosthetic device.  Our clinical staff has been using this technology for the past 8 months and have had much success and positive feedback from our patients. Recently we started using this casting technology for our above-knee amputee patients, also. Since our mission is to partner with our patients to create solutions that enhance life-long function and mobility, we believe the Symphonie Aqua System is a great investment.
Optimus continues to push forward with new technology that will benefit and improve outcomes for amputees in the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus communities. If you would like to know more about this latest technology or how it could be beneficial to you, your patients, or a family member, please call us. Our clinical staff will be glad to answer any questions you have." - John Brandt CPO, CEO/Owner of Optimus Prosthetics

The Symphonie Aqua System allows practitioners to:

  • Capture an accurate impression of the limb in weight-bearing, simulating a real life experience for the patient.

  • Know about sensitive and problem areas before the socket is created to facilitate greater comfort and patient satisfaction.

  • Reduce delivery time of the prosthesis to the patient by reducing or eliminating the need for cast modifications and multiple check socket fittings.

  • Increase patient satisfaction through comfort and faster functional progression.
Patient Testimonials

“The process of fitting the socket was much quicker than before. I got a skin tight fit from the start without any major adjustments to the socket. Casting under weightbearing feels identical to what it feels like now when I’m walking with my prosthesis.”

“With the Symphonie socket, I am able to stay comfortable throughout the day. I work 10 hour shifts, 6 days a week doing construction work as well as exercise and now run. I don’t have to worry about how my socket is going to feel at the end of the day.”

“I really felt like I was involved in the casting process. I got a sense of how my socket was going to feel before actually trying it on.”
Doug Stone:
"I Am Proof That Something Like This Can Happen"

Doug Stone had his right leg amputated below the knee on March 16, 2018, due to an infected diabetic ulcer. “When the bottom of my foot got infected, the medical staff tried to cut my small toe and skin off my foot to try to stop the infection. They also used a wound vac to try to pull the infection out of my foot. This went on for a week to week and a half. The infection started traveling up the back of my leg and that is when they determined they needed to amputate.”

Our practitioners, Amy Yates, CPO, and Glenn Schober, CP, were the first to meet Doug after his surgery.  “They would come visit me in the hospital just about every day to help comfort me and talk to me and to help keep my spirits up. My biggest impression about Optimus was not really about Optimus so much as it was about Amy. When I first met her, I did not know she was an amputee! It was a few visits later when I was asking questions about the prosthetic process and she showed me her prosthesis. I thought this was awesome because you couldn’t tell she had one! Optimus has meant a lot to me in the process of getting my prosthetic leg. Their staff is very experienced and knowledgeable. Everyone that works there has been very friendly and caring throughout my process.”  

Doug is a bit of a bowling legend in his community. He followed in his father’s footsteps and taught bowling at the local junior high. “I can still do anything that I did prior to my amputation. I can still bowl, go fishing, coach bowling, and I can still put my boat in the water by myself. It may take a little bit of a different approach with a prosthetic leg but anything can still be done. Whatever you put your mind to, it can happen! I have had my challenges though. I remember when I was in physical therapy at Kettering Hospital, I had a friend there that was talking about how difficult it was going to be to get back into my truck when I got out. She said that I would probably swing like a monkey trying to get in the truck, and sure enough, the first day I got home and tried to get into my truck basically, I swung like a monkey. It was kind of funny, but that was the start of the process on how to do things differently to make them happen.”

Doug has some advice to offer to others going through an amputation. “The best advice you can give someone who is pending an amputation would be that they are going to be fine, and they have to keep positive thoughts about everything they have done in the past. Everything they did then, they will be able to do with a prosthesis. I hope one day to have the opportunity to talk to others diagnosed with diabetes. I would talk to them about taking care of themselves, checking their sugar regularly, and to check any sores on their feet. They should take care of themselves so something like this doesn’t happen to them. I have heard some people say that nothing like this could happen to them, or they are not worried, but I am proof that something like this can happen.”

Thanks, Doug for sharing your story. We are so proud of the progress you have made, and can’t wait to see what new accomplishments you achieve.