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OptometrysMeeting18Highlights from Optometry's Meeting

It's convention season! The American Optometric Association (AOA) held its annual conference on June 20-24, 2018, in Denver, Colorado. Optometry's Meeting is one of the profession's largest events, with many ICO faculty, staff, and students attending. This year was no exception. Here are a few ICO highlights:

  • Dr. Arol Augsburger carried the Illinois Flag into the House of Delegates.
  • Steven McCarty, '19, took second place in the Essilor Optometry Student Bowl.
  • ICO's Alumni and Friends Reception recognized our first President Emeritus. See photos by Dr. Dominick Maino HERE.
  • The AOA's Contact Lens and Cornea Section selected Dr. Renee Reeder to receive its 2018 Achievement Award. This honor is given annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the optometric profession in contact lenses and eye care.
  • Jessica Capri, '19, and Mariana Ferraz, '19, won Best Poster and Third Place Overall for the Walmart Project Foresight Scholarship.
  • Alumnus Lori Grover, OD '90, PhD, was elected to the AOA Board of Trustees.
These highlights are, of course, in addition to the many posters, panels, and events ICO participated in. Thank you to all who represented our institution so well! The ICO family also recently attended NAAHP, and this week, has colleagues at the National Optometric Association's annual conference. 

Be sure to send all of your convention highlights to so we can celebrate ICO's achievements in the profession.

ISpyI Spy Around Campus

Celebrating Residents New and Old

A productive year has passed for our 2017 ICO residents. They completed their program with a sendoff party. Congratulations to the following ICO residency graduates:  Drs. Azinda Morrow (SUNY),  Alaina Bandstra (ICO),  Laura Thompson (NOVA),  Samantha Gagnon (Ferris),  Rachel Hasler (ICO),  Alexandra Piper (ICO),  Faustino Santiago (NECO),  Senija Turan (ICO),  Margaret Dixon (Pacific), and  Erica Troyer (ICO). Drs. Gagnon and Troyer will continue working part-time at ICO.

This means a new group of Residents has arrived on-campus! They have gone through Orientation, and can now be seen working hard in our clinic. Please welcome Drs. Laurel Roberts (SCO),  Tiffany La (UCB),  Daniel McIntosh (UH),  Brittney Brady (ICO),  Kathryn Hohs (ICO),  Lu Li (ICO),  Katherine Nelson (NECO),  Nhat Nguyen (PCO),  Tapuwa Chikwinya (MCPHS), and Carlos Grandela (SCO).

BitsPiecesBits and Pieces 

HIPAA Digital Safety Reminder

As more and more work is done on mobile devices, it is important that each of us keeps in mind how to keep Protected Health Information (PHI) safe. Here are some tips from our own Michael Butz:
  • Do NOT store PHI on your phone/tablet. ICO offers One Drive and Citrix to easily allow secure remote access to our data and applications
  • Never connect to unsecured WiFi. Most phones will let you know if a connection is not secure.
  • Accept all OS updates to your devices when they are offered. These help keep your device safe against emerging threats from hackers
  • Implement a password/PIN on all devices.
  • Encrypt your data. Then, even if your device is stolen, PHI will be inaccessible.
Thank you for your cooperation. ICO's  Information Systems staff can help you answer any more in-depth questions.
MoversMovers & Shakers 

Dr. Tanya Halikias just opened her cold-start private practice. Expect more details in an upcoming issue of ICO Matters magazine!

Dr. Dominick Maino was the event photographer for the Irish American Heritage Center's 2018 Irish Fest. See his photos HERE.

CORRECTION: The below photo was previously posted without full context. It features  Dr. Vince Brandys, Rick Giglio, Governor Bruce Rauner, Chairman Karen Eng, and Dr. Scott Pouyat at Arlington Park Race Track. The Illinois House Republican organization held the event, supported by the IOA, to advocate for the profession of optometry.

ArrivalsArrivals & Departures

Moving on Up...
Dr. Ashley Speilburg has been promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor.
Dr. Jaymeni Patel has been promoted from Instructor to Assistant Professor.
Dr. Harneet Randhawa has been promoted from Instructor to Assistant Professor.

Farewell to...
Sarah Edgeworth, leaving her role as Fitness Coordinator on July 12 to relocate with her family. Have a wonderful journey!

Deanna Polakowski, retiring after 27 years at ICO. Her career began in Academic Administration and concludes in Human Resources. Her last day is July 13. We wish her all the best.
FoodforThoughtFood for Thought

July's first food recommendation comes from Darlene Ward. It's Ann Sather Restaurant! Says Darlene,

"My FAVORITE brunch spot in the city! The vibe is busy, but so welcoming and home-y. All of the staff are so friendly and really positively impact the dining experience. The food is amazing - no matter what you get, I think it will be great, although my personal favorite is the Eggs Benedict. And, like everyone has said, THEIR CINNAMON ROLLS ARE DELICIOUS. It's a great value as well, since you get a choice of two sides (1 side of cinnamon rolls = 2 large delicious cinnamon rolls) along with your main."

Ann Sather has multiple locations, but the closest one to ICO is 909 W. Belmont Ave.
CTA: Belmont Brown and Red Line stop.

To submit your own "Food for Thought," send a restaurant name, location, and favorite dish to