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Or Shalom Weekly Newsletter
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Sat 10/5  10:30 am 
Shabbat Service  - Embodied Spiritual Practice with Gail Gurewitz
Details below, please RSVP
Tue 10/8 
6:00 pm 
7:00 pm 
Kol Nidre 
Details below 
Wed 10/9 
9:00 am 
10:00 am 
Yom Kippur 
Details below 
Sun 10/13  5:00 pm 
Sukkot Open House and vegetarian potluck 
at the home of Rabbi Katie Mizrahi
Details below, please RSVP
Sat 10/19  6:30 pm 
Simchat Torah
Details below, please RSVP
Fri 10/25 
6:30 pm 
4th Friday Shabbat 
Shabbat Shuvah:
Embodied Spiritual Practice
Saturday, October 5, 10:30 am

The Shabbat that falls between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is a special one, the Sabbath of Return. Explore the themes of the High Holy Day season in this service that features movement and meditation, with Or Shalom member Gail Gurewitz and Rabbi Katie.  We want to make sure there is room for everyone to move around, so please RSVP.  Space is limited.

High Holy Days 5780/2019

Find full information about tickets and schedules here. Some services require tickets. Members can receive free tickets for friends who will be attending for the first time; contact the office. And additional tickets are available for purchase here.  

Erev Yom Kippur
Tuesday, 10/8 at the UU Center
6 pm - Family Service (free)
7 pm - Kol Nidre Service (children's programming available)

Yom Kippur
Wednesday, 10/9 at the UU Center
9 am -      Family Service (free)
10 am -     Morning Service (children's programming available)
4:30 pm - Meditation/Yoga
5:30 pm - Healing Circle
6:30 pm - Ne'ilah Service
8:00 pm - Break-the-Fast vegetarian potluck

Sunday, 10/13, 5-8 pm open house
Vegetarian potluck at the home of Rabbi Katie Mizrahi
Please RSVP here

Simchat Torah
Sunday 10/19 at Or Shalom
6:30 - Vegetarian potluck
7:30 - Service with live music and dancing with the Torah
Please RSVP here
And if you can help with the setup for this big event, sign up here.

We Need Your Help on Yom Kippur!

We still have some volunteer slots that we need to fill for Yom Kippur. Please think about helping with the break-the-fast dinner or with packing up the prayerbooks and other items for return to Or Shalom, and sign up here. It could be your final mitzvah of the old year, and a great start to the new one.
Non-Members: Join Us For Yom Kippur and More
Make your holiday plans now

If you are not a member of Or Shalom, we invite you to worship with us as the High Holy Days continue. Joyous, meaningful services are planned for Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah. Many services are followed by a festive potluck meal, and we hope you will stay and visit.

Refer to the schedule above or click here for complete information, including children's programming.
Learn who needs a ticket, and how to order tickets, here.
We look forward to welcoming 5780 with you.

Simchat Torah!
Sunday, October 19 , 6:30 pm

The holiday season concludes with an evening of joyous celebration.  On Simchat Torah we finish reading the Torah and start over. It's your chance to hear "In the beginning..." from the bimah, as the cycle begins again. Come enjoy a festive potluck supper followed by a service full of live music, dancing, and singing, with festivities that could last well into the night. Free, but please RSVP .

We need help organizing, setting up, and cleaning up after this big event. Please sign up to volunteer (scroll all the way to the bottom).
Save the dates!
Bay Area Reconstructionist Shabbaton with Rabbi Deborah Waxman
November 22-23, 2019

Friday, Nov. 22 at 6:30pm 
Shabbat Dinner & Conversation 
at Or Shalom
Saturday, Nov. 23
Shabbat service with D'var Torah & Conversation at  Or Zarua in Albany
followed by
Seudah Shlishit (afternoon meal) and Havdalah at  Ner Shalom  in Cotati

Stay tuned for more details!
Bet Midrash
Or Shalom's New Adult Learning Opportunity
Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 (only when Bet Sefer is in session)

Join with other Or Shalom seekers as we study a variety of contemporary and traditional Jewish topics in a lively, participatory group of thoughtful kindred spirits. For just an hour a week, take time to exercise your mind, connect with your community, and nurture your soul.

Most sessions will be led by Rabbi Katie; some may be led by other Or Shalom members as well. If you have topics you would like to learn about or teach, please let Rabbi Katie know.

All are welcome; no advance registration necessary. Drop in as you can.  Upcoming dates: 10/23, 10/30.

Family Education

Or Shalom is launching new family education programs for young children and their parents. Register for the entire session or drop in any time.

Sing Shalom is a Jewish music and movement program for kids under 5 along with their families. Introduce your little ones to song, dance, and Jewish tradition.
LEV Shalom is a family learning program for children in grades K-2 and their families. Zehava will lead children's activities while Rabbi Katie spends learning time with the adults. The whole group will get together for activities like t 'filah (prayer), art, cooking, and singing.

Holiday Message from Rabbi Deborah Waxman  
The president of Reconstructing Judaism offers thoughts about Teshuva and gratitude in a short video. Watch it here.  
Tashlich Reconstructed
Watch this lovely video about updating an ancient ritual. It was produced by Kehilat Israel of Pacific Palisades, CA.  
Learn more about what's going on in the movement in its  monthly newsletter.
Or Shalom's Bet Sefer connects students to their Jewish community and heritage by introducing them to Jewish holidays, history, values, and the Hebrew language. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners and support them along their Jewish journey with study, song, dance, art, cooking, and community service. More information is here. 

We accept new students throughout the year. Use this link to enroll.

Upcoming Bet Sefer dates: 10/23, 10/30.

Students and teachers from Bet Sefer
making bag lunches for the homeless

Part of our Teen Havurah at their kick-off meeting

Social Action Corner  
  • Urge Governor Newsom to sign SB 24, guaranteeing students at California public colleges and universities access to abortion and reproductive care. More information and a digital letter to the Governor here.
  • Get more news and hear about upcoming events at Spark!, our Social Action Website. You'll need to register to gain access to the site, so email admin@orshalom.org to get started.
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  • Has official OS  approval
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