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October 7, 2021
400 Missouri St, SF CA 94107
Bet Sefer Enrollment Open
First Day: Tuesday, October 19, 4:30-6:30
Note the updated time, changed to accommodate the SFUSD schedule

Enrollment for the 21-22 year of Bet Sefer is now open! We invite students in grades 2-7 to join us for a year of learning and fun that includes Jewish literacy, Jewish values, Hebrew, and social justice.

This year we are excited to be holding Bet Sefer in person at 3201 Ulloa Street (the former Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church). Bet Sefer is on Tuesday afternoons, 4:30-6:30 pm.

In case you have not seen our mission statement, here it is: Experience Jewish learning in a community of acceptance and authenticity. Through spiritual practices, ethical action, critical thinking, and creative expression, our children develop positive connections to Jewish traditions, family, friends, and themselves.

Please check our website here for more information Click here to view the enrollment form for Or Shalom members and here for non-members.
Or Shalom thanks the many people involved in our High Holy Day Services this year! Thank you for all of the time, skill, talent, patience, creativity, flexibility, and everything else you brought to make our services beautiful and moving.  

Thanks go to:
  • Our dedicated Ensemble for countless hours of rehearsal and performance
  • Eric Shackleford and Jon Fox for professional camera work
  • Liz Isaacs and Meryl Bennan for coordinating Honors
  • Service Gabbis and Honors - There are too many to list! Thank you to our prayer readers, Torah dressers, Ark openers, and the many others who offered leadership.
  • Soloists - Calista Cesewski, Greg Campbell, Seraph White
  • Charlie Varon for his year in review
  • Rabbi Me'irah for her insightful sermon
  • Debby Arzt-Mor and Aaron Roland for chanting Torah
  • The staff of the UU Center for their patience and partnership
  • The many people who made donations in honor of our services. You can still make a donation here.
  • And anybody we've missed.

You can find our service recordings and text of all sermons on our High Holy Day page.
Southside Collaborative Blood Drive
Sunday, October 10, 10:45 am - 3:00 pm

The Southside Jewish Collaborative is sponsoring a blood drive at 625 Brotherhood Way on Sunday, October 10. Click here to schedule an appointment. Masking and social distancing will be required of all staff, volunteers, and blood donors. Click here to review eligibility and donation requirements, and click here for a COVID safety FAQ about blood donation. We are also collecting gift cards for Afghan refugees. If you have additional questions, please call 1-800-289-4923.

Health and Safety for All Workers--A Win!
Recently some Or Shalom members contacted Governor Newsom, urging him to sign SB321. We want to let you know that the Governor signed the bill and we now have the first ever Health and Safety Guidelines for California's domestic Workers.

Zoom With and About Immigrants
Tuesday, November 2 at 7:00 pm
Our immigrant neighbors are reeling from the threat of deportation and, more than ever, the struggle to afford to stay in their San Francisco homes. Join us to hear their stories of struggle, their empowerment through Faith in Action, and their ideas for improving the lives of all San Franciscans. Sign up here to join the Zoom on November 2 at 7:00 pm.

Stop Medicare Privatization
Even while a group of Or Shalomers is working for affordable access to health care for all, activists are having to fight a rear-guard action against an attempt to privatize Medicare. This would be a huge step in the wrong direction! Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP), for decades a leading voice for universal health care, asks us to sign their petition to HHS Secretary Xavier Bercera (a Californian). The petition asks to end the Direct Contracting Entities program, started under the Trump administration and continuing under President Biden, which will essentially privatize Medicare. For more information, contact Margo Friestadt.
Family Tikkun Olam Coming Up Soon
First Mitzvah: Sunday, October 24

Quality family time + hands-on learning + making the world a better place
= Family Tikkun Olam!

Join Rabbi Katie and Ben, our new Youth and Family Program Coordinator, for active learning for the whole family through social action and community-building. One Sunday a month we will volunteer as a group to help heal the world. We are excited to be holding Family Tikkun Olam events in person this year.

Everyone is welcome (no family necessary!) Read more, find a complete list of dates, and register here.
Donate to the Community Thrift Store!
Help Or Shalom, Help Bargain-Hunters

Start the new year by recycling what you no longer need. Donations to the Community Thrift Store help the community and help Or Shalom, who will get a percentage of your donation's value.

You can donate clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics, lamps, toys, bicycles, collectibles, books, magazines, artwork, housewares, kitchen supplies, CDs and DVDs, luggage, mirrors, jewelry and accessories, medical equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers, etc. All donations must be boxed or bagged.

The Community Thrift Store is located at 623 Valencia; the drop-off bay is around the corner on Sycamore. Make sure to designate Or Shalom as your beneficiary. We are Account #130.
Interviews by Or Shalom Teens Create New Paths for Belonging
Or Shalom had a vibrant online Teen Program last year. Students engaged with one another, and also sought to connect with members they typically might not interact with. The project that resulted: interviewing members of the congregation and sharing their stories with the whole community.

This week features Simon Rudoff interviewing Ruth Maginnis. We will be rolling out more interviews in the coming weeks. We hope you will enjoy learning more about our interesting members and our energetic teens, and will agree that this is a good way to strengthen our sense of belonging to the Or Shalom community.
Ruth Maginnis, interviewed by Simon Rudoff
As a sign of our appreciation and affection for our long-time educator Zehava Dahan, we have marked her retirement by establishing an education fund in her honor. This fund will support learning for all ages in our community. If you would like to honor Zehava in this way, you can make a donation of any size to the Zehava Dahan Educational Fund here
Mazel Tov and Welcome...

to returning founding member Hilton Obenzinger
to new member Ross Matican
to new member Lisa Kahn
to new members Linda Liebschutz and Joseph Taylor
to returning members Daniel & Betsy Russakoff and family
to returning member Howard Fallon
to returning member Cindy Changar
We gratefully acknowledge contributions from our members:

  • Beth Solow Mills, in memory of Eric Richard Solow
  • Jurate Raulinaitis & Kirk Schneider, in memory of Laura Siegal
  • Stephen Seligman & Mary Amsler, in memory of Leon and Shirley Seligman
  • Corey Weinstein, in memory of Lazlo Frankovitz and Phil Weinstein
  • Robin Roth, in memory of Margo Adair and Joseph Roth
  • Gloria & Heino Kolbe-Saltzman, in memory of Lucy Saltzman
  • Bryna Rifkind, in honor of the Chesed Committee
The community extends its sympathy to:

Nicole Avril and her family upon the loss of her father, Fred Avril.
Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky upon the loss of her sister, Nina Lamb.
On the anniversary of their deaths, we remember:

Elizabeth (Noe) Summer, Joseph Benjamin Gavrin, Sandy Siegel, William Shulman, Sam Pinto, Rebecca Bainton, Sylvia Stein, Bruce Budnick, Roger Henri Rifkind, Leonard Rudoff, Sunny Fine, Paul Kozak, Rose Thurm, Margie Friedland, Richard Denholtz
This Week's Parsha
The parsha for this week is Noach (Genesis 6:9-11:32)
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Please send all mail to:
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We have consolidated our phone numbers. To reach Or Shalom by phone, please call: (415)469-5542
Or Shalom Clergy and Staff

Alison Faith Levy, Cantorial Soloist
Matt Rudoff, Board President
Lillian Markind, Administrator
Ben Rozio, Youth/Family Program Coordinator