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April 1, 2021
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Our mailing address has changed!

Please send all mail to:
Or Shalom Jewish Community
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San Francisco, CA 94107

We have consolidated our phone numbers. Please use this number for all calls to the office: (415)469-5542
The Thursday Zoominyan is changing to Thursday Torah Study Zoominyan. Join Or Shalom members every Thursday at 10am to discuss the current Torah portion followed by casual conversation.

All are welcome!

Zoom link + THURSDAY
Journeying to Sinai: Seven Workshops for the Omer
Tuesdays at 9:00 AM through May 11

Join Ritualwell for a creative, spiritual journey from Exodus to Revelation, with weekly workshops taught by rabbis, poets and spiritual leaders. Workshops include meditation, poetry writing and spiritual practices connected to the kabbalistic theme of each Omer week. We will use this powerful time on the Jewish calendar to journey toward our individual and collective revelation.

“Journeying to Sinai: Seven Workshops for the Omer” is offered as part of Ritualwell’s annual Omer fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $18,000. Your support allows us to continue to provide hundreds of free resources that make Jewish life meaningful to thousands of visitors to our site. A minimum donation of $36 is suggested to attend the workshop series and gain access to all the recordings. We encourage you to donate as generously as you are able, using our kabbalistic ladder of giving as guidance. 

All workshops take place on Tuesdays, 9-10 AM Pacific. Register here.
Join the JFCS Holocaust Center and the greater Bay Area community as we commemorate Yom HaShoah.

April 7, 2021
Reading of Names | 5:00 pm
Program & Ceremony | 7:00 pm
Program features a special conversation between guest scholar Dr. Deborah Lipstadt and Dr. Anita Friedman, Executive Director of JFCS.

April 8 – 9, 2021
Days of Commemoration
Interactive workshops featuring Holocaust survivor testimony and expert-led conversations focused on the lessons and legacies of the Holocaust.

Attend one or all sessions.
Commemorate Yom HaZikaron with
The Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Day Ceremony
Sharing Sorrow, Bringing Hope
Hosted by Combatants for Peace & Parents Circle - Families Forum

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
Social Action Opportunities

Make a call or post a tweet in support of freeing our friend Melvin, who is in the Adelanto ICE Detention Center. Melvin's wife contracted COVID-19 and has been hospitalized with complications. Melvin needs to be released now to care for his children, and to support his wife and her health. It's easy to do using the script in this toolkit: bit.ly/100DaysFF 

To Landlords and Tenants:
During COVID, many have suffered economic downturns. SB91 allows both landlords and tenants some relief. 2021 is a sabbatical year if the mandate in the Torah for sabbatical years were carried into modern times. In a sabbatical year, all debts are forgiven and everyone is given an opportunity to find economic security again.

In the spirit of uniting together for the common good, Faith in Action Bay Areas is asking Or Shalom to join in its congregational effort to help landlords and tenants secure the benefits of SB91. If you are a small landlord who has tenants who have been unable to pay rent due to related COVID 19 impact, please apply through San Francisco for SB91 relief for you and your tenants. And please contact Leslie Roffman at sanctuary@orshalom.org if:
  • You need help applying,
  • You have applied and would like to sign a FIABA pledge for landlords expressing the ideas above,
  • You are a tenant and need support,
  • You would like to be part of this new FIABA effort where landlords and tenants join together to work to create communities where housing is stable, corporate landlords have less power and everyone can thrive or have applied for SB91 and would like to sign.
Spark! is a twice-a-month newsletter filled with actions you can take to advance social justice. As always, we will recommend events and activities that bring Or Shalom's mission and values to life.

If you are an Or Shalom member and would like to receive the new Spark! newsletter, fill out this form.
Vaccines Save Lives
Or Shalom encourages members to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (unless there are medical reasons to decline).

Public health recommendations and Jewish moral teaching make it imperative that our community members participate actively in following the guidelines of the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

We have suffered the loss of our communal gatherings for almost one year. (While SFDPH allows outdoor religious gatherings with certain restrictions, Or Shalom has chosen to not use this exemption to the general lockdown out of respect for the most important Jewish value of them all--the preservation of human life.) In the meantime, we will continue to hold virtual meetings and gatherings until it is safe for the general public to meet with others not in their household pod.

The vaccine program is critical to ending the pandemic. Participation in this program is a civic responsibility as well as a moral one. It will assist San Francisco and Or Shalom in getting back to congregate, pray, work, and play.

You can find vaccine availability information here.
Starting April 1, all California residents 50+ are eligible for the vaccine.
Starting April 15, all California residents 16+ are eligible for the vaccine.
We gratefully acknowledge contributions from our members:

  • Elysa Hill, in honor of Or Shalom
  • Corey Weinstein & Pat Skala, in memory of Michael Jordin
  • Rabbi Katie Mizrahi & Raj Abbasi, in gratitude for vaccinations
  • John Tibbetts, in memory of Hal Tibbetts
  • Bryna Rifkind, in memory of Debbi Goodman-Smith
  • Juliana Gerard, in honor of Stephen Gerard's 70th Birthday
  • James Lazarus, in memory of Jonathan A Lazarus
  • Stephen Gerard & Trudy Lionel, in honor of Stephen's 70th Birthday
  • Daniel Najjar & Craig Pedersen, in memory of Morris Herzig and in honor of the vaccine-creating scientists
On the anniversary of their deaths, we remember:

Ronnie Boss, Sally Feiner, Elec Eliyahu Klein, Murial Gorden, Hayim Najjar, Art Sechrest, Milton Thurm, Raymond Stanten, Hector Xavier Mirande, Joyce Mandel, Martin Jacobs
This Week's Parsha
The parsha for this week is Pesach 7th day/ Shabbat (Exodus 13:17-15:26)

Or Shalom Clergy and Staff

Zehava Dahan, Education Director
Alison Faith Levy, Interim Cantorial Soloist
Chana Jacobs, Board President
Lillian Markind, Administrator