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June 10, 2021
400 Missouri St, SF CA 94107
Shabbat Service with Rabbi Katie & Alison
Friday, June 11 at 6:00 pm

A word from Rabbi Katie: For the 75 or so of us who gathered last Friday for Or Shalom's first in-person service since March 2020, it was a magical evening. Amazing music. Hugs. The contagious laughter and spontaneous juicy Torah that can only happen in person. What a balm to the soul! And the weather turned out to be about as perfect as possible, complete with shining rays of sunlight sparkling over the water. Soaring birds. A taste of Eden. A reminder of how much we have lost in these months, and how much joy lies ahead for us as we more fully emerge.

I hope you will join me, Alison and our ensemble for another Friday in-person, outdoor service. We can't guarantee that the weather will be the same, but we'll put in our request to the Powers that Be. Once again, we ask that you RSVP for details on location and COVID protocols. This is for both security and COVID reasons.
This summer, we will mix our typical Sing Shalom content with some sessions focused on simple family time and getting to know each other in our community. Sing Shalom is geared to families with children 7 & under (siblings and grandparents are always welcome).

In June, we feature 2 sessions we hope you take advantage of! All Sing Shalom sessions are on Sundays at 10 am.

June 13 - Join the Glass family for a Sing Shalom family hike. We will meet at the Lands End Lookout and Visitors Center at 680 Point Lobos Ave, San Francisco. This is a kid-friendly hike out the beautiful Lands End trail before coming back to explore and play at the Sutro Baths ruins. Please bring your own water, snacks, sunscreen, and masks. We look forward to being in nature with our OS community! Please RSVP for this event, so we know you are coming!

June 27 - Music and Movement with Alison Faith Levy. More details coming soon. RSVP here.
Embodied Spiritual Practice
Saturday, June 19, 10am - 12pm

During this two-hour workshop, our theme will be exploring our limitations and moving towards greater freedom through movement, meditation, prayer, and poetry with Gail Gurewitz and Zehava Dahan. For all levels and abilities.

If you can, please prepare a private space and arrive a few minutes early so that we can begin promptly. 

To Bring: yoga mat, towel, comfortable clothing, yoga props (including a nearby chair if needed), journal or paper and pen, tallit (optional). 

Zoom link + EMBODIED
Social Action Hour and Dayenu Circle
June 16, 6:00 pm
Zoom link + DAYENU
Join Or Shalom friends and fellow activists on Wednesday evening, June 16 at 6 pm to write letters or emails to officials and fellow citizens in support of two of Or Shalom's Tikkun Olam priorities, climate action, and voting rights, from the comfort of your home.

This action hour is in conjunction with the ongoing Treaty People Gathering in support of Indigenous-led efforts to stop construction of the Line 3 tar sands pipeline in Minnesota. A short video to learn more about the project is on YouTube.

We'll also be reaching out to voters in critical states to help them contact their Senators in support of the For the People Act. 

Help those facing the eviction cliff! Almost 11,000 people in San Mateo are at risk of eviction if the moratorium expires on June 30th without both additional debt relief and an eviction moratorium. So many landlords are still unaware of state support for them and their tenants. Can you make 10 calls a week for the next few weeks? And please call Gov. Newsom and the Senate Pro Tem on Friday. Participate in a vigil in San Mateo on June 15 at 11 am to ask the county to put in protections similar to SF. To get a script for the calls to our state leaders, participate in phone banking, attend the vigil, contact abby@faithinaction.org. More information is available here.
Did you know that in July, the SF Board of Supervisors will be voting on whether domestic workers in San Francisco can access paid sick leave? If you believe that all workers deserve to rest when they are sick, then you need to sign this Hand in Hand petition and send it to your networks.
Accompaniment Opportunity! Maria’s youngest son is growing up! Does anyone have 3T or 4T clothing to spare? Contact sanctuary@orshalom.org for drop-off location. 
Introducing the Women's Circle
Sunday, June 27, 2:00-4:00pm

Or Shalom was founded by women a few decades ago and we have been led by our wonderful Rabbi Katie for the past 14 years. So...an idea began to take shape -- the formation of a Women’s Circle, composed of women and any who identify as female, to build community in a warm, safe, and judgment-free environment.
Join us for our inaugural meeting where we will take a walk, have some snacks, and talk about what's next. Please RSVP for location. Future gatherings will be on the 4th Sunday of every month.
Or Shalom's very own Anne Flatte directed this powerful story of music, love, and legacies. It is coming to PBS in June.

Critics and audiences call River City Drumbeat  beautiful, immersive, and “one of the most inspiring documentaries of the year.” For three decades, the dynamic Ed “Nardie” White offered a path to empowerment to Black youth in Louisville, Kentucky through his Pan-African community drum corps. When he decides to step down, Albert Shumake, an alum whose life was saved by the drumline, returns home to carry “the spirit of the drum” forward for the next generation. During the year-long changing of the guard, young drummers Imani, Jailen, and Emily navigate the cadences of adolescence even as systemic forces threaten to undermine their dreams. With compelling characters, evocative visuals, and kinetic drumline performances, River City Drumbeat is a testament to the impact of this creative community on the lives of three generations. Witness the power of love and music in what Film Threat called “an edifying story of rhythm, passion, and rites of passage.”

As a sign of our appreciation, we have established an education fund in Zehava’s honor upon her retirement. This fund will be dedicated to supporting learning for all ages in our community. If you would like to honor Zehava with a gift to this fund, you can make a donation of any size to the Zehava Dahan Educational Fund here

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations to this fund:

Jerel Glassman & Beth Mazie, Robin Roth, Steve Mitchel & Nancy Marks, Amy Kassiola, Wendy Thurm & David Greene, Karen Staller & Hugh Molesworth, Elaine Porter & Ann Ritzma, Betsy Strausberg, Suzanne Lifson Salazar & Fred Salazar, Mary Amsler & Stephen Seligman, Rabbi Katie Mizrahi & Raj Abbasi, Dan & Kate Glass, Elliot Helman, Marjorie & Cary Fulbright, Fred Weiner & Ellen Weinstein, Allan Pleaner, Rachelle Resnick, Shelley Levine, Leslie Roffman & Bob Goodwin, Sue Schechter, Howard Fallon, Suzana Seban, Michelle & Erica Chesley, Sue Baelen & Phil King, Corey Weinstein & Pat Skala, Deborah Gavrin Franquist, Bryna Rifkind, Joshua & Gizella Babcock, Nina Grove & Ken Johnson, Danny & Julie Brook, Becky & Barry Klawans, Zehava Dahan and Vavi Toran, Nina & Hashim Anderson, Margo Friestadt & Lynn Ludlow, Laura Fankushen & Paul Mansky, Ruth Maginnis, Chana Jacobs & Terry Gomes, Judy Olasov, Madeleine Levin, Nicole Avril & Daniel Gelfand, Michael Shlipak & Ando Kuo, Rori Reber & Allan Stewart, Sara Ganz, Eric & Melinda Ruchames, Matt & Motomi Rudoff, Gabriella Schultz, Kelly Kozak & Josh Donald, Diane Epstein-Porter & Ken Porter, Debbie Benrubi, Angelique von Halle
We gratefully acknowledge contributions from our members:

  • Margo Freistadt, in memory of Benedicto Freistadt & Maria Freistadt
  • Corey Weinstein & Pat Skala, in memory of Roz Lyn Elson
  • Robin Roth, in memory of Fernando Barreiro
  • Debbie Benrubi, in memory of Lazar Benrubi
  • Leslie Roffman & Bob Goodwin, in memory of Ethel Roffman
  • Kathy & Chad Balch, in memory of Bruce Balch
  • Robin Roth, in memory of Gertrude Roth
  • The Kolbe-Saltzman Family, in memory of Emanuel Saltzman
On the anniversary of their deaths, we remember:

Janice Weil, Vincent Perez, Roz (Lyn) Elson, Maria Muellauer Freistadt, Iris Merrick, Rose Fierberg, Maurice J. Small, Judy Macks, Gordon Mar, Alice Ray Bleecker, Jake Talman, Fernando Barreiro, Aileen Paskoff, Roslyn Marks, Gertrude Bernstein
We send comfort to those with recent losses:

Judith McCullough, on the loss of Robert Bernstein
This Week's Parsha
The parsha for this week is Korach (Numbers 16:1 - 18:32)

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