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July 15, 2021
400 Missouri St, SF CA 94107
It's July, which means Or Shalom Membership Renewal is in full swing! Members can renew their financial commitment here. Not a member yet? Simply contact the office to start!
Identity and Belonging Through Israeli Arts & Culture
A four-part lecture series with Vavi Toran
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Join Vavi and explore the complex concepts of identity and the sense of belonging. What shapes these concepts for us and for the diverse population of Israel? How can these concepts live side by side and why do they sometimes clash with each other?  Each session will be 1 hour plus Q&A. All sessions use the same link.

Session One: Introduction to the Series 
Thursday, July 15 at 7pm
Arabs and Jews in Israel – How to Coexist
We will examine the relationship between Arabs and Jews in Israel through the lens of arts and culture. In view of recent violent occurrences in May 2021 we will see how artists from both sides responded. 

Session Two: Immigration and Displacement
Thursday, July 29 at 7pm
Three women--a Russian immigrant, an Ethiopian immigrant, and a native Arab-Israeli--express their identity and sense of belonging through visual art. We will look at the similarities and differences of their experience, and discuss what makes them Israelis.

Session Three: The Language of Identity
Thursday, October 21 at 7pm
Poets, who write in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Arabic explore the boundaries of their mother tongue. How does the language they heard at home affect the perception of their identity and how does society at large view them? We will discuss how language can be both a connector and a divider.

Session Four: Homeland Songs (Shirey Moledet) as Identity Builders 
Thursday, November 4 at 7pm
Shirey Moledet is the most typical musical genre of Israel’s early years. We will embark on a journey of songs and glean through them the connection and relationship with the homeland, events that shaped morale and national mood, and changes in attitude.
Women’s Circle
Sunday, July 25, 2-4pm 

Last month's inaugural meeting of the OS Women’s Circle was so wonderful. There were 19 of us (and so many more who could not attend) and we had a lovely time getting reacquainted with one another and/or getting to know one another.

The “format” of the Women’s Circle is to let the group evolve organically. The idea is to have two organizers for each event, who do not have to know one another, and they choose the activity — whether it be another walk or yoga in the park or you name it! We do need two organizers for the July Circle. Click HERE to sign up to host in July and future months! And, click HERE to RSVP for the July 25 event. Current, former, prospective/interested OS members are welcome! Please invite your friends whom you think may be interested in this group. 

Here are some heartfelt thoughts from Leslie Roffman after last month’s event: "I was amazed at what a deep, engaging, and satisfying experience your simple format created. I definitely left feeling like I could warmly greet about 10 people I didn't know when I came in, and I felt more connected to the OS community. I don't know how you did all of that in 2 hours!”
This summer, we are mixing our usual Sing Shalom content with some sessions focused on simple family time and getting to know each other in our community. Sing Shalom is geared to families with children 7 & under; siblings and grandparents are always welcome.

Next session:
July 25 - Music & Movement with Alison in Golden Gate Park. Please register for details.
All Sing Shalom sessions are on Sundays at 10 am.
CJM Levi Strauss Show Closes August 8
Discount Tickets Available

The Contemporary Jewish Museum's knockout exhibition, Levi Strauss: A History of American Style, celebrates the life of Levi Strauss, the birth of the blue jean, and the history of San Francisco. It features over 250 garments, photographs, and ephemera, running the gamut from this gold.

The show runs through August 8. The Museum is offering Or Shalom members a 10% discount on general admission tickets. Use the code WELCOMEBACK10. Learn more about the exhibit here.
Safety Net Action Committee - SNAC

Our primary focus, since the creation of our committee, has been on health care justice and universal health care. More recently, we have expanded our commitment to include a larger safety net for all who live in this country, including housing, income, and education, as well as health and safety. We also view strengthening democracy through voter rights and combating racism in this country as necessary parts of providing a safety net.  

In this connection we:
  • have become the Or Shalom liaison to the Poor People’s Campaign, which is focused on uplifting all poor and oppressed Americans. 
  • participate in the Friends Afuera program of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, to support and help strengthen the safety net for vulnerable asylum seekers and immigrants. Through this program we donate money to ICE detainees, correspond with them, and try to assist them with legal resources.
  • continue to advocate for universal healthcare in California and the US.

Would you like to join us? Please let the office know. Our next meeting is Monday, July 19 at 7pm. All are welcome!
Our first Or Shalom Action Hour was great fun and we're planning more! In the meantime, for effective ways to make a difference around voting rights and climate change, go to https://tinyurl.com/Dayenu-action-hour. Check it out if you have a few minutes for some simple actions.

And mark your calendars for an in-person gathering for our next Social Action Sunday, July 18, at 3 pm in a member's beautiful backyard. We are planning conversation, letter writing/phone calls, and just enjoying being together for an hour or two. RSVP to climate@orshalom.org for the location.
Or Shalom is pleased to announce the 2021-22 Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Matt Rudoff - President
Meryl Bennan - Vice President
Shelley Levine - Secretary
James Bennan - Treasurer
Jon Denholtz - Member At-large

Committee Chairs, Reps, and Members At-large
Liz Isaacs - Membership Chair
Josh Babcock - Religious School Chair
Stacey Leyton - Personnel Chair
Rachelle Resnick - Chesed Chair
Joel Rubinstein - Minhag Rep
Paul Axelrod - Member At-large
Max Bernstein - Member At-large
Marcella Campbell - Member At-large
Angelique von Halle - Member At-large

We thank Chana Jacobs, Judy Olasov, and Seraph White for their tenure on the Board!
As a sign of our appreciation and affection for Zehava, we are marking her retirement by establishing an education fund in her honor. This fund will support learning for all ages in our community. If you would like to honor Zehava in this way, you can make a donation of any size to the Zehava Dahan Educational Fund here
We gratefully acknowledge contributions from our members:

  • Sue Schechter, in memory of Bette Garcia
  • Mary Ann Goldstein, in memory of Phyllis & Percy Goldstein
  • Judy Olasov, in memory of Esther Benrubi
  • Beth Solow Mills, in memory of Khane Bushel Solow
  • Andrea Jones, in honor of Or Shalom
  • Judy Olasov, in memory of Nathan Patla Olasov and John Gomes
  • Charlotte & Jerry Hyman, in memory of John Gomes
On the anniversary of their deaths, we remember:

Phyllis Berger, Harvey Breslet, Hyman Birlant Olasov, Phyllis Goldstein, Anna Stekoll Engelman, Luku Li, Berta Rose Freistadt, Rob Steig, Stuart Bernstein
We send comfort to those with recent losses:

Sue Schechter on the loss of her mother-in-law, Bette Garcia, the grandmother of Sam and Claire Garcia and the mother of Brian Garcia.

Debbie Benrubi and Lena Seagrave, on the loss of their mother and grandmother, Esther Benrubi
This Week's Parsha
The parsha for this week is D'varim (Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22)

Our mailing address has changed!

Please send all mail to:
Or Shalom Jewish Community
400 Missouri St
San Francisco, CA 94107

We have consolidated our phone numbers. Please use this number for all calls to Or Shalom: (415)469-5542
Or Shalom Clergy and Staff

Alison Faith Levy, Cantorial Soloist
Matt Rudoff, Board President
Lillian Markind, Administrator