Dear Hevre,

In January of this year, based on the data, guidance, and recommendations existing at the time, and upon the recommendation of the Covid Committee, the Board of Directors approved a vaccination policy that was to be implemented effective today, March 4, 2022.

Over the past six weeks, we have seen changes, both in our local data metrics and in national guidelines and recommendations. In the last week, the CDC issued new masking guidelines based on Community Level of Covid 19. Case counts continue to drop, and as of March 2, Maricopa County is no longer experiencing high transmission of disease. 

Based on current data, and upon the recommendation of the Covid Committee, the Board of Directors has voted to make the following changes to our Covid mitigation strategies, effective immediately.

  • Vaccinations will NOT be required for in-person services, meetings, and events in the synagogue, including religious school. We continue to strongly urge eligible individuals to become fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

  • Masks will NOT be required in the synagogue. We will continue to have masks available and encourage individuals to do what is most comfortable.

  • Please stay home if you or a close contact are currently sick. We continue to provide virtual opportunities for all to connect with our congregation.

While we pray the coming weeks and months will continue to reflect a lessening of the virus, we will continue to closely monitor the data and potentially update policies in order to best maintain the health and safety of our congregation. I hope and pray, like all of you, that we are through the worst of this horrific pandemic.

With gratitude to the members of the COVID Committee and the Board of Directors and thanks for their diligent work on behalf of the congregation,   

Shabbat Shalom,
Frank Jacobson
Congregation Or Tzion Board of Directors