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Spring 2017 Newsletter
 Classroom Highlights:
Riverbend Elementary
Our classroom highlight this spring is the Life Skills program at Riverbend Elementary in Springfield, Oregon. Emily Minnis, teacher in the classroom, has been teaching at the site for 10 years. For many of those years her classroom has been an active OrPATS training site. Emily's classroom serves students in grades K-5 and is masterfully structured to provide individualized levels of support to students as they progress through goals and gain independence. Young students, especially kindergartners, can be observed learning basic school routines and skills through highly structured activities including DT, PRT and independent work systems. Their instructional environment is supportive and helps set kids up for success. As students get older they transition to small group instruction and begin to self- manage their supports. Students, as young as 1st grade, learn to independently use notebooks that contain both their daily schedule and their reinforcement system (a classroom "money" system used throughout the day). 
Emily and her staff use a combination of the STAR program and other evidence-based practices, including clear visual supports, schedules, and a variety of daily opportunities, for students to learn and practice new behaviors and skills. PRT targets and other visual cues for adults (such as how to encourage positive behavior) are posted throughout the room. Making it clear to all who enter what the expectations are.  Emily and her classroom can be seen in several Level 3 STAR training videos!
If you are interested in visiting Emily's classroom go to the OrPATS website for more information or write us at information@orpats.org. 
Resources for Educators:

Summer is a time when many educators get caught up on the latest research and start thinking ahead to the next school year. For those interested in learning more about autism spectrum disorder and evidence-based practices, there are many online resources available for self-directed learning.
Below are three resources that can be accessed online. All of these resources feature learning modules on a variety of topics of interest to educators and family members. 
OCALI Autism Center:
AIM (Autism Internet Modules):
NPDC's AFIRM Modules:

For those who are interested in reading current versions of reports on evidence- based practices, both the National Autism Center (NAC) and National Professional Development Center (NPDC) reports are available online at no cost:
National Autism Center's National Standards Project: Phase 2
(with downloadable report)

National Professional Development Center's Evidence Based Practices Report
As summer progresses, be sure to check the OrPATS website for information on in-person workshops in your region.

OrPATS 2017-2019 
The OrPATS Project staff are again looking forward to the providing support to school teams throughout the state. We will continue to provide support to the state-wide network of OrPATS training sites and train additional teams to implement evidence-based practices. If you were given a Media Center or Links Curriculum Subscription, it will be renewed. We will be scheduling workshops and site visits throughout the summer. Continue to check the OrPATS website for the workshop registration information.

Thank you for your fantastic work with students over the last school year!

OrPATS Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Workshops   
Check the OrPATS website throughout the year to view upcoming trainings for the 2017-2018 school year. Workshops are currently being scheduled in collaboration with Regional Programs.

Workshops topics include:
  • Preschool-Elementary: Implementing Evidence-based Practices
  • Secondary: Implementing  Evidence-based Practices
  • Parent Training Support
  • Supporting Students with ASD in Child Care and Head Start Settings
Participants who attend a workshop
offered by OrPATS will receive a link to a follow-up Webinar. Look for an e-mail with login information after attending an OrPATS workshop.

Oregon ASD Program
Self-Assessment and Action Plan: Version 2 Available for Use   
The ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan provides programs with a process to help identify program improvements and training needs based on the recent research for working with students with ASD. The ODE, in cooperation with the Oregon Autism Commission, has completed a revision process and  Version 2 of the Self-Assessment has been published based on the latest research. OrPATS has facilitated the development of the 2nd version. The print version is now available for school district use. The on-line version will be updated for the 2017-18 school year.

To access Version 2 of the Self-Assessment go to www.orpats.org and find the quick link for the ASD Self-Assessment. At this site the user can review a webinar on how to give the Self-Assessment and download a pdf copy of the Self-Assessment.

OrPATS Training Sites   
OrPATS, in collaboration with Oregon Regional Programs and School Districts, has established over 40 training sites throughout the state. The 40 training sites include sites at the preschool, elementary, middle school and high school levels. Post-secondary sites are currently being developed. The OrPATS training sites model the use of evidence-based practices appropriate for the age and developmental level of their students. The training sites are staffed by local LEA teachers and para-professionals. Each training site has an Autism Consultant/Specialist that serves as a Training Site Coach. The OrPATS  trainers provide on-going maintenance support to each of the training sites and training site coaches throughout the school year.

As far as we are aware, Oregon is the only state with an extensive network of training sites. A map of the OrPATS training sites and contacts is available on the OrPATS website at www.orpats.org.

Consider visiting a training site to learn from others implementing evidence-based practices. Substitute release funding is available to reimburse your school district. The funds are available on a first come first serve basis.  
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