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Spring 2018 Newsletter
 Classroom Highlight:
Newport Early Childhood Special Education Classroom
This spring's classroom highlight is the Linn Benton Lincoln ESD,  Early Childhood Special Education classroom located in Newport, Oregon. We are excited to welcome the Newport Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) classroom as an OrPATS site. The Newport classroom staff are: Pedra Weber, classroom instructor; Skye McCloud, ASD Consultant; Autumn Belloni, Administrator; Amanda Meyers, SLP; Shanda Weaver, IA; Wendy ONeil IA; Sondra Yamanaka, IA; Annie Jumel, IA; and Audrey Unger, IA. Their classroom is our newest OrPATS training site!

The Newport ECSE team has created a wonderful program and have welcomed visiting staff from other preschool and elementary classroom sites to obtain in-class training and ideas for implementation. For the past two years, OrPATS has had the opportunity to work with the Newport school district preschool program as a participant of the Autism Teams Project (ATP). The program will now serve as a model classroom for this region.

One of the ways that Pedra and her team have succeeded in taking the programming to an individual student level is to provide Discrete Trial (DT) instruction for students using video modeling techniques. The classroom instructor works directly with the student and utilizes the pre-created videos to develop a unique learning opportunity, using the lesson plans for non-verbal and gross-motor imitation.

As they continue their work in this area, Pedra and her colleagues are seeing applications to life skills hygiene routines such as tooth-brushing. It's extremely exciting to watch students attending, imitating, and learning new skills that they utilize in daily life. Many students have been working in the areas of Pivotal Response Training (PRT) for attending skills, and this new type of instruction has allowed the staff to pair DT techniques with existing strategies to create a more comprehensive program. Because the visual/video examples are conveniently portable, the video modeling will also allow for generalization of skills into routines in the community. As they continue to explore new ideas, Pedra and Amanda are looking into ways to incorporate expressive language practice as well!
We'd like to thank the Newport ECSE team for their amazing work and dedication to the children and families they serve. If you're interested in visiting an OrPATS classroom, please email information@orpats.org to be connected with an ASD specialist or consultant in your region!
 Training for Oregon Child Care Providers
OrPATS Child Care Provider Workshops
OrPATS is conducting workshops in each region of the state for child care providers who work with children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The workshops are free of charge. The training shares practical methods for child care centers to use immediately with their children. Each center receives a set of visual supports and a subscription to the STAR Media Center.  The workshops include lecture, demonstrations of specific methods, video examples and hands-on practice.  The Child Care workshops are being held in each of the following regions: Columbia, NWRESD, Cascade, Central, Willamette, Southern, Lane and Eastern.
More information about the workshops is available on the OrPATS website.  
 Online General Education
Training Modules Available
The OrPATS Project is able to provide access to school districts to a series of courses designed for General Education teachers to learn how to assist students with autism that are included in their classrooms. There are four modules for elementary teachers and another 4 modules for secondary teachers. The modules provide teachers with information and resources to assist students with ASD who are included in their classrooms. To obtain login information to view the modules or to request logins for general education teachers in your school district, click on the following link and complete the form provided.

 OrPATS News
The OrPATS project conducted over 18 workshops across the state this fall and winter. Our trainers are currently conducting site visits and providing support to existing training sites and working with new implementation sites to establish the use of evidence-based practices in their programs. We are also able to facilitate the use of the Oregon Self-Assessment. If your program or district is interested in conducting the self-assessment contact the OrPATS trainer in your region (www.orpats.org). 
Visit an OrPATS Training Site
Educators are encouraged to schedule a visit to one of the many OrPATS Training sites throughout the state. To schedule a visitation go to the OrPATS website and review the map of Oregon for contact information for each of the training sites.
OrPATS Webinars Available
Participants who attend a workshop offered by OrPATS will receive a link to a follow-up webinar. Look for an e-mail with logon information after attending an OrPATS workshop.

Evidence-based Practices Information Module

This new module is being developed to enhance the understanding of the Oregon Program Self-Assessment's Implementation Component. The EBP information module will be available by winter 2019.  
New Autism Consultant/Specialist Training

The OrPATS Project in collaboration with the Oregon Regional Programs and the Oregon Department of Education offered a 2-part training (4 days total) for Autism Consultants/Specialists this school year.

Part 1 of training was held at Willamette ESD in Salem, Oregon on November 6 & 7, 2017. Forty-five participants attended from all 8 regions of the state and represented a variety of school based roles who support students with ASD, including; ASD Specialist/Consultants, Special Education Teachers, School Psychologists, Speech/Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists.
Part 1 was a two day workshop that focused on autism characteristics, the Oregon eligibility procedures and Functional Communication.
Part 2 was held February 12 and 13 and focused on evidence-based practices, positive behavior supports, transition planning, visual su
pports and instructional coaching.  
Forty-one professionals from across the state participated.   
Example comments from the participant evaluation forms: 
* The resources for doing an ASD evaluation will be extremely helpful! 
* The information on evidence-based practices and what they look like was very useful! 
* The videos of intervention ideas were excellent. 
* How to do portfolios for transition students was very useful.

Interested in attending next year?

This two part series will be offered again Fall 2018 and Winter 2019  

Reimbursement Requests
Remember to submit your substitute reimbursement request for an OrPATS workshop or training site visit. There is a limited amount of funds available on a first come first serve basis.  Please click here to download the substitute reimbursement request form. 
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