Club President   

By: Joe Dotterer - Club President

Nothing to report.

Joe Dotterer
(951) 897-5685 
Club Vice President

By: Pete Whitworth - Club Vice President

First off, I want to thank everyone who came out on Saturday and Sunday 12/14 and 12/15 to help with the Charity shoot. This was one of the best turn out’s ever. Lots of new faces, and we managed to work like a well oiled machine. The majority of setting up was done by noon and a couple of guys stayed to finish up the details with me after lunch. We had a full crew on the chipper and plenty of people to clean up around the assembly area. On Sunday we had a good group of volunteers for registration which ran smoothly for the most part.

The shoot on Sunday moved faster than usual, (mostly because due to weather we kept the shoot a bit tighter than usual).

Thank you everyone for supporting this shoot and helping out the community. We helped a lot, and I know this is greatly appreciated.

As the weather improves this year I plan to spread the target layouts out further and take better advantage of the bowl and beyond. The next shoot is the Rendezvous in February and weather permitting we will use much more of the hill and back area.

Christmas will be over for this year by the time this newsletter hits the stand so Happy New Year!

I am still working out the details for our upcoming two day Tomahawk shoot. I am thinking that I will have the details finalized and the flyer ready by around April.

That’s it for my report. Take care and stay safe, see you all next year.

Pete Whitworth
(909) 223-5822

By: Louie Lopez - ob.treasurer@outlook.com

Nothing to report.

Louie Lopez
(714) 538-7202
Range Captain
By: Chriss Bowle s -  Club Range Captain
Nothing to report.

Chriss Bowles
(951) 757-4571
 Hunt Chairman

By: Bill Leal - Club Hunt Chairman   

Nothing to report.

Bill Leal 
(714) 803-9617 - Cell
7328 El Dorado Drive
Buena Park CA 90620-7589
Range Secretary

By: Mark Houston - Club Range Secretary

Hey Oranco Bowmen,

As 2019 comes to a close, I'd like to touch on what's been going on around the range.This year's Christmas Charity Shoot was a huge success and one of the most fun and well run tournaments in recent memory! I like to give a big shout-out to all of you who helped make this such a great shoot. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

I had the opportunity to shoot freestyle bowhunter with my daughter Justine Houston ( Oranco News Editor ), who placed 2nd in women's freestyle bowhunter. We haven't shot a tournament together in sometime and I must say this is one of the high points for me this year. Good job, sweetheart!!!

The 3-D Winter League will be gearing up soon in 2020! Our League Chairman, Al Wiscovich will give more details. Ask anyone who attended the Summer League and they'll tell you, you won't want to miss out on this! It is a unique opportunity to hone your archery skills while building friendship with other archers in the club.

Our next major event will be the Rendezvous 3D February 9th 2020. This will be a 42 target 1 arrow, unmarked yardage shoot. All styles all ages with registration starting at 7:30 a.m. and tournament starting at 9 a.m.

Oranco Bowmen will be hosting the Club Champ Shoot on Sunday March 1st, 2020. 

This is a NFAA Field Archery Club Championship. 

The tournament will consist of: 14 marked yardage 4 arrow Field targets 14 marked yardage 4 arrow Hunter targets and 14 marked yardage 1-3 arrow Animal targets. This is a free shoot with free food and drinks that will be provided throughout the day for Oranco Club members. Guest are welcome to participate for a $5 fee including free food when accompanied by a club member but will not receive awards. All styles all ages, 3 minimum in a group double scoring mandatory. Registration will start at 7:30 a.m. the tournament will start at 9 a.m. Awards will be given out at the Oranco Awards Banquet in late March 2020.

Come on out and enjoy a fun-filled day of Tournament Field Archery for free with free food! Find out who has bragging rights for Club Champ!!!

Hope to see you all at the Oranco Club Champ Shoot!

Mark Houston
(760) 605-1155
Tournament Chairman

By: Chris Stout. - Tournament Chairman

Nothing to report.

Chris Stout
(909) 730-0045
Club Secretary

By: Amanda Duchardt – Club Secretary

Greetings Oranco Members and Prospective Members!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

The Club Meetings are packed and we’ve had to rearrange the Club House to make room. In addition, we are providing FREE snacks and refreshments and instituting a mandatory break at 8:30pm for anyone that needs to leave, bio break, get more snacks, etc. The participation and engagement has been great and we have more exciting news and plans to share…

· The Charity 3D and Toy Donation Tournament on December 15 was a success. Toys and a cash donation of $1,156 were delivered to Chino Neighborhood House. Chino Neighborhood House provides groceries and other items to approximately 1,200 adults, children and senior citizens that live within the Chino Valley Unified School District. Each Christmas, they host dinner events and provide children with a new bicycle. We’re proud to continue to support our local community.
· The Board finalized the 2020 Tournament schedule: Rendezvous 3D February 9; Big Game 3D April 5; Firecracker 3D June 28; Tomahawk 3D October 10-11; Charity 3D December 13.

· Oranco’s Winter League will begin on Saturday, February 22 and run each Saturday at 9am through Saturday, March 21. Leagues are open to members and prospective members in good standing. Cost is $10 per event and will consist of 12 targets, 2 arrows per target, marked and unmarked shots, and a 110 yard bonus shot. Participants must compete in 4 out of the 5 weeks to be eligible for awards. Potluck and awards will be held on Saturday, March 21.

· FREE one hour class usually held on Saturday mornings; RSVP required. Please check out our website or contact Vernie Urbano at archer@vernie.biz or 714-928-4100 for more information and to RSVP.

· Next JFA is on January 5 at 9am. No pre-registration required. Participation is free for members and children under 11. Guests are $14. Please contact David Bacon at ob.membership@outlook.com or 909-217-4441 for more information.

· Joe is managing several projects around the range. Please reach out to Joe at 951-897-5685 if you need work party credits and have a few hours to help.
· We are also starting to organize Prospective Member ONLY work parties on the second Saturday of each month to help facilitate completion of work party requirements. Please reach out to David Bacon at ob.membership@outlook.com or 909-217-4441 for more information.

· FREE snacks and refreshments will be served at Club Meetings! Please come and enjoy! Also, there will be a scheduled break at 8:30pm to allow folks that can’t stay for the whole meeting to step out as needed. We appreciate your participation but recognize that meetings can run long.
· The Oranco Board is accepting nominations for next year’s Board of Directors. Nominations will be accepted up to the January 2020 Club Meeting; members will vote at the February Club Meeting and new Board Members will assume duties on March 1, 2020. To be nominated for a Board position, you must have 3 consecutive years of membership.
· If you are interested in a Board position but don’t yet meet the requirements for nomination, each Board member is taking on assistants to ensure we have appropriate support, backups, and knowledgeable mentees. Work party credits available! Please reach out to the appropriate Board Member for more information.
· REMINDER: The gate code changes at the end of December. The new code was sent out by mail on December 2. If you did not receive the gate code, contact David Bacon at ob.membership@outlook.com. Sharing the gate code, even with other current or former members is strictly prohibited.
· Blade Betts is raising funds for his Eagle Scout Project at Oranco. Thank you for your donations at the Charity 3D shoot and keep an eye out for additional opportunities to donate during Sunday openings. Blade will be constructing a new informational sign near our front gate and the design looks great. I can’t wait to see the final product.
· Current membership count: 398; Prospective members: 33 and counting.

Want to be informed or get involved? Our next club meeting is Tuesday, January 14 at 7pm in the club house. As a reminder, all prospective members need to attend 2 Club Meetings and participate in 2 work parties to become an Oranco member.

Club Meeting Minutes are available in a binder at the Club office or email Ob.Secretary@outlook.com for a copy. The Summary of Board/Member Actions from the last meetings are included below

Amanda Duchardt
Membership Chairmen  
By: David Bacon - Club Membership

Hi All and I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

We are currently at 400 members including 31 prospective members.

We have several new members:
Ellena Saldana
Kevin, Ann Carlson and Ashely Schaefer
Jaime, Lorena, Marissa and Alejandro Jasso
Jeff Scarbrough

And one returning member:
Jimmy Reed…welcome back Jimmy.

Please welcome them when you see them on the range.

The January – June gate code has been delivered. If you didn’t get the code, please contact me so I can get it to you.

The Charity 3-D went extremely well. We had 202 shooters who donated lots of toys and money. It warms my heart to see our archery community coming together for such a good cause. The score cards started coming in by about 12:30 and we were finished with awards very early. Looking forward to it next year.

David Bacon
Two Year Board Member

By: Al Wiscovitch - Two Year Board Member

Hi there everyone,

Hope your hunting season, Christmas 3-D and thanksgiving has gone well? As I write this news’s letter we are just days away from Christmas wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year.

As we look back on this year at Oranco we have seen a lot of good things happening with our club and grateful for all those that given so much to our club, Speaking for myself I’m very pleased to see that we had a new summer league and will have a 3-D league this coming February for the new year. This league will be for club members only as our summer league was.

· This league will go for five weeks consecutive weeks if there is a rain out we will take the next available date on our calendar
· Cost to shoot will be $ 10.00 per week
· Start time 9:00 AM. each week with a short briefing before start time
· Each week will be 2-arrows per target 12-targets
· Each week will consist of 3-D big animals, small animals and mix of big and small animals each week
· We will be using mountain range, valley range, tree stand and creek
· There will be a 110 yard bonus shot each week worth 10 8 5 to be added to your score card
· 3-D targets to be set up day before shoot there will be work party credit for volunteering

There will be trophies awarded to each category on final week 1st 2nd and 3rd will be given to each winner (This will be based on total score and must finish 4 of 5-weeks to be considered for awards) also a potluck with club picking up hamburgers and hot dogs.

On my last newsletter I had shared a cartoon from a good friend and wanted to add it to this newsletter again as we didn’t get the cartoon on to the newsletter last time.

Remember what we teach our youngster’s will last a life time so don’t be afraid to tell them what you are feeding them!!

Thanks and happy New Year!!

Al Wiscovitch
(909) 322-3869
A Message from Earl and Mary Williams

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our friends at Oranco. We are settled into our new home here in Prescott Arizona we have been here almost 4 months now and we absolutely love it. We are surrounded by 360 degree views of the mountains. Our home backs up to the state land. Our closest neighbor is 2 Acres a way. Our other neighbors are Antelope, rabbits, coyotes and deer. We are looking forward to Javelina season and deer season. I had the opportunity to go on a lion hunt it was an adventure in the snow and it was successful. We treed a beautiful male lion. I chose to pass on him he was legal but I decided to let him get a little bigger and one day give someone else the opportunity for a beautiful trophy. What an adventure the hounds the snow and the views would leave me with a lifetime of memories. I wanted to share these beautiful pictures with all of you and wish you all a very merry Christmas.
God bless.

"EW" & Mary
Oranco Bowmen Archery Range

Occupying about 45 acres, Oranco Bowmen Archery Club is a NFAA certified 5-star range. This is the highest certification given by NFAA. We are the only range in Southern California with practice butts from 10-80 yards in 5-yard increments. If you need a place to "dial in" your bow, this is it! 

Oranco also has two NFAA roving courses: Our Valley Course is a level 28-target course, consisting of 14 animal and 14 hunter paper targets. For those who desire a bit more of a physical challenge, our Mountain Course is a hilly 28-target course offering 14 Field targets and another set of 14 animal paper targets. The Layout changes occasionally.
Oranco Bowmen Archery Club - Range Map 
Oranco is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

Please remember to lock your vehicles when you are not present and always take your equipment home with you. We have received reports about stolen equipment, and want everyone to understand that you alone are responsible for your belongings . We advise you to put your identification information on your belongings and try not to leave anything unattended.

Remember: We are open to the public on Sundays and during shoots. During these events it is much more difficult to track who is on range property, especially if people do not sign in at the office.

Be safe and responsible everyone.

Range Beautification Party : We would greatly appreciate your help and support to the upcoming Work Parties. Keep an eye out for the email blast. All Club Members and their families are invited. Per Joe Dotterer, Club President there will be an “ ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH ” served for ALL of our Volunteers who come out and help.

Your assistance ensures that the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club remains the best in Southern California. There is a reason why people travel from all over California to shoot at our Archery Club. Get involved and help us out.  
Cook Shack Workers Needed : Positions are still available for volunteers to help out during the upcoming shoots. Tony Tobinis back and will be taking over Cook Shack Assignments effective immediately. Terry Lopez will no longer be accepting calls for Cook Shack volunteers.

Please contact Tony Tobin in order to reserve your spot at: Cell# (626) 354-2268 . Due to poor cell service in his area please contact him via TEXT message to assure he can receive your information. First Come, First Served.   

Target Camping : This is NOT Allowed...Period. Your Membership will be terminated for doing this! The Practice Butts are for sighting in, improving your archery skills, and honing your accuracy. The Roving Range is just that, Roving. Shoot 4 arrows, Score them, then move on to the next target. 

You have been warned. Don't do it. It is not worth it.  

When to Call Whitetails - and When to Shut Up

Sometimes it seems that calling and rattling is the thing to do, but it could be a mistake.
The time was the last week of October. The place was western South Dakota. I was perched in a treestand situated in a tall cottonwood that stood along the banks of the Bad River. A little better than 30 minutes of legal hunting time remained as I reached for my rattling antlers. Thankfully, the wind had finally died down to a slight breeze.

The Worst Hunting Advice We’ve Ever Heard

As hunters, we’re always on the prowl for ways to improve our game. We love advice and words of wisdom from those that have been down the road before us. But every once in awhile, the advice we receive is junk. It’s junk, and you know it the moment you hear it. Or maybe it took you some time in the woods to realize you had been fed a load of bull. Either way, lame hunting advice is inevitable. Whether on social media, or from “that one guy” in hunting camp, bad hunting advice will come. In hopes of helping you dodge it when you hear it, here’s a list of some of the worst hunting advice we’ve ever heard.

Mission Statement :
My Goal as Newsletter Editor is to help Members stay informed with the Operations and Activities that are going on in and around the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club. Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Check out our Club Website : Oranco Bowmen Archery Club Website